What a Finish!

From Coach Crawford:

On a beautiful Friday evening with no threat of snow, the Wyoming HS Girl's Lax team traveled to Columbus to play the Bishop Hartley Hawks.  The JV squad played a tough Bishop Hartley team and came away with a tie, 7-7.   Madelyn Taylor lead the Cowboy scoring attack with 4 goals, followed by Ashley Moher (2) and Annie Boster (1).  Goalie Avery Barzizza had another fine showing with key saves behind a strong Cowboy defense.

The Varsity squad played a memorable game against the well organized Hawks.  After the first 1:09 of play, the Cowboys found themselves behind 0-2.  After adjustments and many goal exchanges, the Cowboys established a slight lead at half 6-5.  In the second half with both teams playing solid team defense and furious offensive displays, the Cowboys found themselves with a slight lead facing a score of 11-10 with 5:25 remaining in the game after the Hawk's 10th goal.  An unfortunate Cowboy penalty at the ensuing draw found the Cowboys playing a man down for 2 minutes.  Sensing victory and redemption from their defeat two years ago by the '13 Cowboys during the State Tournament, the Hawks played with renewed intensity and scored two goals in rapid succession with 4:42 remaining in the game, 1:40 remaining in penalty time.   Although down 11-12 at the next draw, the Cowboys reached deep and absolutely frustrated the Hawks by controlling the ball until penalty time expired.   After some remarkable saves by the Hawks' Goalie, the following Hawks fast break broke the Cowboy ride.   However, the Cowboy defense organized quickly around Goalie Claire Mellott sooner than the Hawks could attempt a fastbreak shot resulting in a turnover and a sprinting Emily Wood heading for the Hawks goal with 0:40 seconds remaining in the game.   Receiving a pass from Wood, Reilly Simmons dodged to goal and is fouled placing her on the 8 meter arc for a free position shot.  Upon the restart, Simmons' shot is snagged by the Hawk goalie but as she attempts to pass to a teammate, Maggie Hughes intercepted the pass and scored with 0:24 seconds remaining.  The score at 12-12, moved to the game's final draw.  Olivia Cunningham proved quicker than her opponent, the Cowboys go to fast break offense with Haley Stewart receiving a pass and going to goal, but is fouled.  With 0:01.1 seconds remaining in the game, Stewart is placed on the 8 meter arc for a free position shot.  Upon the restart, Stewart surprises the Hawks by not shooting and passed low on the arc where Hughes is positioned and with a quick stick, scores the game winning goal.  An incredible ending to a hard fought game ending Cowboys 13, Hawks 12.  Thanks to all the Cowboy fans that were able to attend.  Adi Smith and Reilly Simmons lead scorers with 4 goals each, followed by Haley Stewart (2), Maggie Hughes (2), and Marielle Smith (1).  Assist were provide by H. Stewart (1), R. Simmons (1) and Grace Schneider (1).  Although playing one half, Olivia Cunningham lead with 4 Draw Controls, followed by H. Stewart (3), Emily Wadds (3), Emma Komrska (2), and Grace Steiner (1).  Goalie Claire Mellott had a fine showing with 4 saves behind the defense Carly Schlager, G. Steiner, G. Schneider, L. Stewart, E. Komrska, and E. Wood.

Next week sees the JV traveling to Turpin HS for a Monday night game at 7:00 and the Varsity playing at home Tuesday at 5:30 against Division 1 Olentangy Liberty (Columbus) HS.  Thursday night is youth lax night as both JV and Varsity play Indian Hill HS, JV at 6, Varsity at 7:15.

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