Swimming Up Seven Hills

Saturday, December 27th, the Cowboys were in the water with Seven Hills, Finneytown, and Winton Woods.  Details of the meet were lost in translation, but I understand the Boys tied and the Girls crushed it.  
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Fall All-Stars

The Enquirer's 2014-2015 Fall High School All Stars have come out shining.

Andrew Marty - The sophomore had 1,801 yards passing and 18 touchdowns. He was Division IV second-team all-district.

Oliver Reinecke - The senior was Division IV second-team all-district.  He had 21 receptions for 479 yards and seven touchdowns in the regular season. He also had three rushing touchdowns and was a kick returner.

Devon Davis - The senior was Division IV second-team all-district.

Football - Defense
Hudson Rogers - The senior was Division IV first-team all-district and special mention all-state. He had 38 tackles including four sacks in the regular

Parker Chalmers - The senior was Division IV second-team all-state and first-team all-district. He was the CHL defensive player of the year. He had 67 tackles and two interceptions in the regular season.

Mason Rogers - The junior was Division IV second-team all-district.  He had five interceptions.

Honorable Mention - Tucker Marty

Girls Golf - First Team
Sam Pease

Boys Golf - Second Team
Cooper Hausfield
Sam Marty

Girls Soccer
DII Co-Public Coach of the Year - Lauren Gruber

All-City Team
Kayla Hampton
Jasmine Evans

Boys Soccer
DII Coach of the Year - Steve Thomas - Guided Cowboys to regional semifinals, finishing the year at 17-4 overall and 7-0 in the Cincinnati Hills League, winning the first league championship for the school since 1998.  As a results, was named CHL coach of the year.

DII Public Coach of the Year - Steve Thomas

All-Star Team
Andrew Derge
Jay Klein
Toby Varland
Ethan Wayman

Cross Country - Girls
DII Runner of the Year - Katie Spray

First Team
Terra Forsythe
Whitley Elsass

Honorable Mention
Danielle McKee
Lily Parker

Cross Country - Boys
DII Runner of the Year - Ben Stites
DII Coach of the Year - Travis Glendenning - The Cowboys finished eighth at the Division II state championship, placing two runners in the top 25 at the event. Team placed fourth at district tournament and won regional title. Was voted Cincinnati Hills League coach of the year for third straight  season.

First Team
Tanner Anthony
Evan Cramer
Max Hoffman

Honorable Mention
Cullen O'Brien

DII Player of the Year - Alexis Tyree
DII Coach of the Year - Julie Plitt

First Team
Madi Maisel

Second Team
Maddie Bahr

Third Team
Grace Schneider

Girls Tennis
First Team - Singles
Haley Thoresen

Honorable Mention - Doubles
Anne Boster and Ellen Boster


How I Got Into College

Coach Steve Thomas always has the good stuff.  This link, HERE, is from an email sent to the Soccer team.  I thought with the New Year looming, the guide it links to might be great for all the athletes who are looking ahead to the future.  And if you replace the word coach with client or employer, potential or existing, I think the guide could be applicable to a lot of us.  Well, not you, of course.  You're on the ball - right on top of it.  Now your brother-in-law, yeah, forward it to him.  Please.

Thanks to Coach Thomas for the guide.
Photo provided.


Matmen Nelson Norwood

From Coach Pitman

The Matmen traveled to Norwood to complete in Adam Cox Memorial Tournament. Seven wrestlers competed (vacations and injuries took some away from the mat) in the tournament and 4 wrestlers placed. The following placed for the Cowboys:

·      138 Noah Pitman        Runner-Up
·      152 Asa Palmer           Champion
·      170 Justin Shields       Runner-Up
·      182 Luke Kremzar      4th Place

Season Leaders
·      16-Shields
·      15-Palmer
·      13-Kremzar and Pitman

·      10-Shields
·      8-Manigault and Kremzar

Team Points:            
·      94-Shields
·      74-Palmer
·      71-Kremzar

·      54-Palmer
·      52-Shields
·      26-Nyamor

Total Nearfall                      
·      26-Kremzar
·      24-Pitman
·      21-Palmer

·      16-Kremzar                          
·      13-Tefs
·      10-Palmer

·      10-Pitman
·      5-Kremzar and Van Fossen            

Quickest Pins
1.     :20       Casada against Western Brown
2.     :25       Tefs against Clermont Northeastern
3.     :27       Kremzar against Roger Bacon
4.     :29       Tefs against East Clinton
5.     :33       Pitman against Elder
6.     :36       Pitman against Badin
7.     :36       Robison against East Clinton
8.     :38       Hancock against McNick
9.     :39       Shields against Anderson
10.  :41       Tefs against Middle Christian


Cowboys in Canton

Saturday, December 20th, a slimmed down Swim Team squad made a whirlwind trip to Canton to swim in the Canton Christmas Invitational meet on Saturday, December 20th.  It's a great opportunity for these swimmers to get some experience in the same pool that will host the State meet.  I don't know if Coach Elliot channels the spirit of Gene Hackman's Norman Dale and pulls out a tape measure to show the athletes that the Canton pool is the same size as the ones here at home, but wouldn't it be great if he did.

Congratulations to Sara Washienko, Stephen Barrett, Philip Brocker, Becca Prangley, Chris
Rutter, Carson Burt, Ian Nyberg, Ally Golden and Anne Criddle for making it to the Finals!


Cowboy Quality Continues in College

Georgetown College Senior and WHS Alum, Tommy Campbell ('11), made 2nd Team All-American.  Way to go, Tommy!

Photo thanks to Rod Apfelbeck


Cowboys Tank Taylor

Saturday, December 20th, the Cowboys invited CHL rival, Taylor over to play.  It was all, "Me, Me, Me" as the Cowboys only allowed Taylor 19 points, while they put up 40 of their own.  See the CHL website HERE for the stats.

The various Girls Basketball teams, (7th, 8th, JV, Varsity) still need champions.  People who will be the voice of their team here on the Round Up.  Besides the super-cool, crumpled trench coat and hat complete with over-sized "PRESS" badge that we don't give all of our volunteer reporters, think of the satisfaction you'll have knowing you stepped up for these great athletes.
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for the great pictures.
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Cowboy Divers All In At Mariemont

Saturday, December 20th, the Wyoming Dive team was in action at Mariemont High School.  Scheduling conflicts kept our intrepid reporter from staying for the results.  If you're a diver or taxi around someone who is a diver, please consider sending in a report to let us know how the team is doing.
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Middle School Wrestlers Grappled at North College Hill Tournament

From Coach Grunenberg

The Middle School Wrestling Team competed at the North College Hill Invitational this past weekend. There were 16 teams competing and two of our team members placed. Eight grader Kaleb Williams took 2nd Place in the 122# division, and seventh grader Isaiah Tidjani took 6th Place in the 110# class.  Ashton Lindy, Chris Izenson and Logan Weber also participated. Pape Diallo and Will Wolbers were unable to attend the NCH tourney, but they are part of the middle school team as well.  Following workouts over the winter break, the team will participate in tournaments at Deer Park, Walnut Hills and Hamilton.

Thanks to Coach Grunenberg for the report and the hardware picture.


JV Girls Basketball Hosts Taylor

Saturday, December 20th, the JV Girls Basketball team hosted Taylor. 

I could use tea leaves to divine the score and a few highlights, but I don't drink tea.  Until we can get the same psychic results with Powerade stains, we'll have to wait patiently for you to send in a report.  Don't delay.  These athletes could use a little more recognition for all their hard work, don't you think?

Submit your reports to wyoroundup@gmail.com
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for the great pictures.
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A Team Triumph

Coach Pete spread the good word from the Middle School Swim team's Invitational Swim Meet on Saturday, December 20th.

Way To Go Cowboys!!

When the P.C.Y. waters finally calmed down Saturday afternoon, the Wyoming Cowboy swimmers came out victorious!!  This was the 1st Wyoming Invitational that included Kings Middle,Clark Montessori and Cincinnati Christian Schools.  All the Wyoming swimmers competed and performed to their best ability.  Every race was a big challenge; although Kings Middle School won most of the races, Wyoming, with our line-up depth and team strength would pick up more points with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes.  The Cowboys know every point counts and all swims are valuable.

Our 1st place winners: 
Brianna Connock-"double winner" in the 50 butterfly and 100 freestyle.
Wyatt Elsass-25 Backstroke
Joel Engelhardt-100 Backstroke
Dori Miller-25 Backstroke
Conner Moore-50 Freestyle

Final Scores: 
Clark Montessori-272.5

Thank-you to Anne Black for co-ordinating the Meet program and managing the computer console for the Invitational.  With Anne's expertise this meet went very smoothly!  Also,thanks to our swim officials, lane timers and photographers for working the swim meet.  

Next Swim/Dive meet: Sat.Jan 3rd Mariemont (tough C.H.L.team)

Go Cowboys!!
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Making the Mark in Mariemont

The Middle School Dive Team took to the board in Mariemont on Saturday, December 20th.  Sami Weis took 1st place and Katy Vanatsky earned 2nd place.  Libby Spera made the top 10, and Caroline Zackerman had a great finish.
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Cowboys Cradle the Competition in Blanchester

From Coach Pitman,

The Wyoming Matmen competed in the Blanchester Duals Friday and Saturday. Overall, the Cowboys went 4-5. In 3 of the 5 loses the Cowboys won more matches against their opponents, but lost those particular matches because of forfeits. Asa Palmer went a perfect  9-0 for the Cowboys.   On Friday he earned his 70th career win.  Asa also moved to second all-time in career takedowns, surpassing the Great Corbin Guggenheim. Asa now has 211 takedowns. Wyoming stud Neal Williams is #1 on the list with 409 career takedowns.

Justin Shields fought his way to 7 victories for the Cowboys at Blanchester. He earned his 50th career win on Saturday with a 39 second pin against Anderson. Justin leads the team in wins with 13.

The matmen travel to Norwood on Saturday, December 27th to compete in the Norwood Invitational.


Award-Winning Assistance

What your looking at here is the SWOFC Region 16 Assistant Coach of the Year.
Congratulations, Coach Seymour!

Photo thanks to Rod Apfelbeck

Cowboys Meet the Mildcats

Bryn Lewis reported from the Friday, December 19th, CHL-leading, perfect 4-0 (2-0 CHL) Cowboys Boys Basketball game against Finneytown.

Before I start, I want to say I'm just a dad of a player and my descriptive skills about a game I never played aren't informed by much other than seeing the game.  That being said, there are a lot of details about defense I will never know and it's hard to describe in a short roundup of a game but DEFENSE is a huge player on this team and the contributions on defense of (alphabetically) Jake Edmonds, Lonnie Grayson, Walker Lewis, Nate Lowe, Garyn Prater, Hudson Rogers and Mason Rogers are not overlooked. And, defense starts with coaching.  Thanks, Coach Edmonds!

On to the game:  Wyoming won the tip against the Finneytown Wildcats for the final game of 2014. The Wildcats started the scoring but at 4:30 left in the quarter Lonnie Grayson tied it up 5-5 with a 3.  Nate Lowe had a strong defensive rebound after that and  Lonnie scored a 2 and the Cowboys never trailed again in the quarter. At the end of the quarter, Lonnie had 9 and the score was 17-7 after Walker Lewis took a hard drive to the basket for a two.

In the 2nd quarter, after a quick 2 by Walker, Garyn Prater passed inside to Hudson Rogers for a score of 21-16. The Wildcats had 8 fouls so the score inched up and then, around the 4 minute mark, Lonnie had a long 3 to get the score to 28-16. Nate got a deflection and Mason Rogers took a charge. Walker took the ball to the basket for 2 and, at 2:00 left, was fouled and brought the score to 31-18. The biggest anticipation of the quarter was waiting for Garyn's long 3 to bounce 3 or 4 times before finally bringing the score to 34-18. Walker had 7 for the quarter and the Cowboys led at the half: 36-20.

The Cowboys played just 6 deep for the bulk of the game.  In the 3rd quarter with just under 7:00, Mason had a 2 to bring the score to 40-25.  The Cowboys spread the floor on offense.  Notes:  Mason with a steal in Wildcat paint; Nate with a putback; Lonnie got big air on a D rebound; Mason with a sweet bounce pass inside to Garyn.  3rd quarter ended 58-31.

4th Quarter: Walker got a putback and an and 1; and, with 6:00 left, got another putback to bring the score to 63-33.  At 4:47 left a number of fouls were called including technicals and it took a few minutes to sort out.  With 3 minutes to go, to loud cheers from the student section, Devon Davis came in and immediately gets a D rebound. Devon had 3 points for the qtr. Max Maisel, Jack Gildea and Jacob Simons got playing time and played strong D.  Final 70-42.

Thanks to Bryn Lewis for the great report. And for our version of an almost multi-media experience, click HERE to check out a video clip from Fox 19.


They're Ready

The Middle School Swim Team is ready to host their invitational swim meet this Saturday, December 20th, the new PCY Bubble.  No, I know what you're thinking, but I wasn't going to make some lame joke about how all the Clark Montessori's hopes were going to burst.  And I wasn't even going to say anything about Kings Dream of victory would be popped.  C'mon.  A little credit, please. 

The dive team will operate in advance of the PCY meet when they travel to Mariemont earlier on Saturday.  


Barrett and the Boys

Check out Tom Ramstetter's great Cincinnati.com article about the Cowboy Swim TEAM.  Yeah, I know "team" is capitalized.  Click HERE to read the article and you'll see why.


Seven Hills Squished

Bryn Lewis reported from the Boys Basketball team's win over Seven Hills on Saturday, December 13th.

Seven Hills lined up for the tip and they might've been the biggest starting five the Cowboys have faced so far. Wyoming won the tip and Lonnie Grayson started off the scoring with a quick 2.  Jake Edmonds took a 3 from the corner and had 5 for the quarter.  Wyoming had trouble initially with Seven Hills' big bodies getting shots in the paint and the quarter ended with 7 Hills up 13-11.

Jake Edmonds left the court after the quarter and would not return to the floor for the rest of the game though he did return to the bench. Garyn Prater got the ball in to Hudson Rogers in traffic for a nice 2 then Nate Lowe had a big block on the opposite end and Garyn connected yet again to Hudson inside for another 2 to bring the score to 15-15. Garyn had a 2 plus 1 to take the lead at 20-18. The Cowboys would not trail the rest of the way.  Notes: Nate Lowe got air on a D rebound; Hudson scrambled for a jump ball and possession; and, Lonnie Grayson dropped a 3 from the corner. The half ended 25-20 Wyoming.

In the first half Walker Lewis had a steal and a deflection and he started the 3rd Quarter with another steal and an assist to Hudson Rogers for a quick 2.  Seven Hills made a little run and, at the 7 minute mark, closed some of the gap: 27-24 Cowboys. Lonnie answered with a floater in the lane and on the next possession, in a fast break, Lonnie dished off to Walker for a 2 and the score of 31-24.  Cowboys.  The Stingers big bodies clogged the paint but Wyoming found answers outside and inside with ball movement.  Nate Lowe had another big block and Lonnie Grayson had 7 for the quarter. With 2.5 seconds left, the student section erupted as senior Devon Davis entered the game for the first time!

Coming into the 4th quarter, the score was 39-30. The Cowboys answered each Seven Hills basket but the game still felt tighter than the score. Both teams did a good job getting in passing lanes and getting steals. At the 5:30 mark Garyn Prater dropped a 3 and, on the next possession, Walker got a steal.  Both teams had 6 fouls at this point. Lonnie connected to Nate for a nice 2 and a score of 50-39.  At the 3:35 mark the Stingers grabbed a steal and started a fast break when Mason Rogers stole it back. The Cowboys seemed to have tired the Stingers because they had trouble answering and, with a little over two minutes left, the score was 56-39 and soon after 60-42. The big news, for Cowboy Crazies, in the last minute of the game, Devon Davis got his first career points as a Cowboy varsity basketball player when he made two fouls shots.  Final: 62-48.
Thanks to Bryn Lewis for the report, and
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the great pictures.
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Pass (on) The Cookies

With the Winter Holidays coming, I thought the following excerpt of a Boys Soccer team email from Coach Kamphaus might be appropriate for a wider audience.  Not really for you though, you've got it going on - a paragon of health.

"...I have noticed a promising trend over the last few weeks following the end of this years soccer season. I am seeing more and more smiling faces from the squad down in the weight room at the Wyoming Recreation Center and I know others are putting in work in other areas too.

I wanted to send out this email and say that it does a coaches heart good to see this kind of commitment to the future of this program, but I also want to make sure that all of our budding young gentlemen are doing the work properly so we can maximize the benefits from their hard work and minimize potential injuries.

Three things to keep in mind boys:

Number 1: You cannot out work a bad diet!
What I mean by this is that no matter how many days a week you go to the gym, no matter how hard you push yourself, more than half the battle is done in the kitchen. Making sure you have the proper nutrition will go a long way to ensuring that the effort put in on the streets and in the gym translates to better fitness all around. This means that you should make sure you're consuming enough protein throughout the day (~.75-1 gram of protein per pound bodyweight) and drinking enough water and fluids. Stay away from sodas and salty foods, eat lean protein when you can, such as chicken, fish, nuts and eggs.

Number 2: Have a routine!
I cannot stress enough how much of a difference having a routine makes when you are working out in the gym. It keeps you mentally focused, goal oriented and allows you to track your progress. A routine will also help keep you balanced as you work out, preventing injuries in the process. It keeps players from falling into the trap of building a triangular body, a large upper body and a small lower body. Work in cardio, balance exercises and focus on getting stronger, not necessarily larger. Work in body weight exercises that focus on endurance as well as strength, stay limber and flexible. You're soccer players, not powerlifters.

Number 3: Educate yourself!
For alot of you, the gym has been a foreign place until recently, and you're eager and energized to try to make gains as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor form when lifting which can lead to injuries. Make sure you have the form right when lifting, find videos on YouTube, read up on these things before you try them and don't be afraid to ask questions. That being said, start with light weight until you get your form down, then begin adding weight. Listen to your body!! Pushing yourself is one thing, but knowing when to rack up the weights and give yourself a little rest is a wonderful trait to have. Listen to yourself!"

Duck-Unders in December

From Coach Pitman

Wyoming Wrestling began its season December 5th. In the first 2 weeks they are currently 1-3 in dual meet competition. The matmen took the mat at the Deer Park Invitational on December 13th  and finished 6th. Placing for the Cowboys were:

·      126 Freshman        Ethan Tefs            4th Place
·      145 Sophomore     Noah Pitman         Runner-up
·      160 Freshman        Yima Nyamor       6th Place
·      170 Junior              Justin Shields        4th Place
·      182 Junior              Luke Kremzar      3rd Place
·      220  Sophomore     Miles Manigault   6th Place
·      285 Sophomore      Ben Padnos           4th Place

The team travels to Blanchester Friday and Saturday to compete in the annual Blanchester duals

Cowboys Break the Mustangs

Bryn Lewis reported from the Boys Basketball team's Friday, December 12th's 58-47 win over league rival and host Madeira.

The Cowboys set the tone early in the game against the Madeira Mustangs when Walker Lewis scored a quick four points and an "and 1". With just a few minutes left in the quarter, Wyoming was up 17-3 after Lonnie Grayson and Walker Lewis combined for 15 and a Jake Edmonds' steal and lay-up. The Mustangs started to show their talent and coaching and the quarter ended 19-14 Wyoming.

In the 2nd quarter Garyn Prater started it off with an uncontested 3 and Jake Edmonds followed soon after with 2 and a plus 1. Soon after, Nate Lowe had a rebound and a full court run to a lay-up. With 3 minutes to go the score was 30-21 Wyoming. Nate Lowe had another defensive rebound and Mason Rogers scored 2 on the quick break. 2 minutes to go in the quarter and Wyoming got to 7 fouls and then the 8th.  At the half, the score was 34-25 Wyoming.

This was a hard game to judge Madeira's shooting talent because Wyoming's defense looks similar to last year's - tough - and the Mustangs had few clean shooting opportunities throughout.

In the 3rd Quarter, Jake Edmonds had 6; Lonnie Grayson had 5; and, Jake Edmonds had a sweet assist inside to Hudson Rogers for 2. The score at the end of the quarter was 47-35 Wyoming.

Jake Edmonds started the fourth with a quick 2. Walker Lewis had a deflection to Mason Rogers who gave it back at the opposite end for 2. Hudson Rogers grabbed a strong defensive rebound and was fouled.  With Hudson Rogers anchoring the defense down in the post the final score 58-47.

Thanks to Bryn Lewis for the report.


More Monroe Mauling

Yeah, I'm excited too! 
More Pictures!

Since we posted previously about the Cowboys Basketball team's win over Monroe on Tuesday, December 9th HERE, another pack of impeccable pictures have presented themselves.
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the great shots.
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Again Against the Aves

We posted previously (HERE) about the Middle School Swim and Dive team's big win over rival Sycamore on Wednesday, December 10th.  The second leg of the photographic relay team just touched.
Thanks to Steve Connock for this set of pictures.
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