Fall Sports Physicals

Physicals will be held at the HS this Saturday morning from 9-11 in the locker rooms for $10. Team doctor, Dr. David Taylor, and newly hired trainer James Muncy will be doing the physicals. The $10 will be donated back to the school by Dr. Taylor. Fall athletes need their phycials for the upcoming start of practice or they will not be able to practice the first official day. This is a great opportunity to get a "cheap" physical if you have not already obtained one.


Tri-County Press 7-28-10

This week's edition of the TCP has a nice article about Ian Kadish, WHS '07 on page A6. 

Also, in case you are not aware, the football team kicks off its season on August 26th in the Crosstown Showdown.  There is an ad on A7 giving details of all the Crosstown Showdown games.

Issue is here.


Vote for Kyle, Jonathan and Tony at Tristatefootball.com

An alert reader pointed me to Tristatefootball.com.  In case there are any Naval Academy grads reading, I should point out that it is a site with information about high school football in the tri-state.

Here is the Tristatefootball.com page on Wyoming.

Here is an article on the top area wide receivers including Jonathan Tighe.

Here is an article on the top area quarterbacks including Kyle Seyfried, along with Kyle's picture.

Please go here and vote for Jonathan, Kyle and defensive lineman Tony Davis, who will presumably soon be featured in an article about top area defensive linemen.

I added a link to TSF in the "Other sites of interest" section.


Care Package

This note came to the Roundup from former Booster Board Member Mary Lou Edgington:
Hello all,

I am enlisting your help in putting together at least one care package for Eric Baker and his troops in Iraq. I have a list compiled by soldiers in Iraq of what they would like to have (below).  I will leave a box on my front porch (336 Ardon Lane - under shelter to avoid rain) for your donations as well as a card for you to sign. Please ask others if they would like to donate even if they do not know the Bakers. Eric and his troops are doing so much for us that I would like us to give something back to them. I hope our community will support our troops in this venture. Deadline 7/28/10.

Thank you so very much.
Mary Lou Cell 404-9194
To fill in a few details for those who don't know, Eric's dad used to be the principal at WHS and Eric was the starting quarterback for the WHS football team.  He went on to graduate from West Point and is now a lieutenant in the army.
Also - acting as the lowest common denominator (in the ability to understand human communication), the Roundup asked Mary Lou if she wanted fully put together boxes or loose items from the list below.  She replied: "I would appreciate if they bring things to put into the boxes on the front porch.  I did not intend for them to put a box together and then bring it. "
So there you have it - let's make that porch groan under the weight of our contributions.

T.R. A.C. Care Package Idea List

Common Items requested by Soldiers
Baby wipes-antibacterial gel
Phone cards, digital or disposable cameras
Magazines, books, comic books, crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku
Travel size games (chess, checkers), decks of cards
Movies (DVD) – Blank writable cd’s, memory card (i.e.psp’s), memory sticks
Hand warmers/foot warmers
Toothbrushes, Mouthwash (Non Alcohol)
Febreeze, travel size packets of laundry detergent
Body Wash-Body Spray – Suntan lotion
Pringles, crackers, cookies, beef jerky, ramen noodles, instant coffee, hard candy
Powdered drinks, especially Gatorade
Personal Care kits (with mini scissors, nail clippers, nail file, etc.)
Multitool or really good folding knife
Fly paper (some areas where the soldiers live have a lot of flies)
Notebooks, envelopes, blue and black pens, thumb tacks (to hang pictures)


Tri-County Press 7-14-10

Latest issue is here.  Nice article about WHS Class of 2007 member Jon Edgington and his success at Miami on the diamond and in the class room.

Jon had a walk-off sacrifice fly for the Steam last Saturday night.  You can read about that here.


Ian Kadish, WHS '07, selected as Northwoods League All-Star

Ian Kadish, WHS Class of 2007 and current Rochester Honker, was selected to play in the Northwoods League All-Star game.  The game is scheduled for 7:30 PM on Tuesday the 20th at Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Announcement here.

By the way, the league has some great mascots - besides Ian's team, the Honkers, there are the Brainerd Lakes Area Lunkers (lunker - something large of its kind - used especially of a game fish) and the Mankato Moondogs (love the alliteration but not sure what a Moondog is).

Robert Brewster, WHS '05, update

Robert Brewster, Wyoming Class of 2005, was the Dallas Cowboys' second pick during last year's draft.  After graduating from Wyoming, Robert played for Ball State University where he was chosen twice as all-MAC.

He missed last year with an injury but has been catching the Cowboys' coaches' eyes heading into this season.  Article here.


Tri-County Press 7-7-10

Slow for Wyoming sports but Charlie Rabinowitz and Jon Edgington make appearances.

Issue here.


Ian Kadish, WHS '07, featured in Honker Highlight

Ian Kadish, a Wyoming Class of 2007 member who plays college baseball at Marshall, is playing this summer in the Northwoods League for the Rochester (Minn.) Honkers.

Here is a video game wrapup, better known as a Honker Highlight, from the July 2nd game vs. the league leading St. Cloud Riverbats.  Ian is featured starting at about 45 seconds into the 1:19 video.  I won't spoil what happens, but just to set it up he comes on to pitch with one out in the ninth, runners on 2nd and 3rd, and the Riverbats having already closed a 5-0 Honker lead to 5-3 earlier in the ninth.  What's going to HAPPEN?????

(I would love to post more about Wyoming alums playing sports beyond WHS.  Please send me updates at wyoroundup@gmail.com).

A Modest Proposal

With a nod to Jonathan Swift, P.J. O'Rourke offers "A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game" in yesterday's Wall Street Journal.

It's not PC, so if that bothers you, don't read the article here.


Edgington (WHS '07) Named Academic All-MAC

Wyoming High School Class of 2007 graduate and Miami University baseball captain Jon Edgington was named Academic All-Mid-American Conference.
Edgington (Cincinnati, Ohio), who served as a co-captain in 2010 despite being just a junior, holds a 3.71 cumulative grade-point average. The microbiology major earned a 3.97 GPA during the 2010 spring semester, landing him on the Dean’s List, and was also named MAC male Scholar Athlete of the Week for the week of May 3-9.

Full article here.

Jon is playing again this summer for the Cincinnati Steam (picture below from last season).

The Steam play at Western Hills High School.  Schedule is here.


Aleshire selected Enquirer First Team Division II Baseball

2010 Wyoming graduate Evan Aleshire was selected for the Enquirer All-Stars Division II Baseball first team.

Adam Chalmers, Michael Becker and Max Kadish were selected Honorable Mention.

PDF of the Baseball All-Stars here.


Mason Bourbon First Team Enquirer All-Star

Mason Bourbon was selected as a first team Division II All-Star by the Enquirer. 

Gustav Plattenburg, Matt Sumner, Jason Diamond, Adam Tucker and Alex Mangas were selected as Honorable Mention.

PDF of All-Stars here.


Zennie, Krekeler, DeBlasis named Honorable Mention Enquirer Softball

Recent graduates Abby Zennie and Bailey DeBlasis and junior-to-be Lil Krekeler were named as Honorable Mention on the Enquirer's Divisions II-IV Softball All-Stars Team.

PDF of Softball All-Stars page here.


Happy Fourth of July

OK - I'm not even going to pretend this has anything to do with sports.  Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth and put some pictures out there of Saturday's festivities.

Parade pictures here.

Fireworks pictures here.


Tri-County Press 6-30-10

This week's Tri-County Press features the article on Jibreel Black we highlighted a couple of days ago along with a picture of Evan Aleshire playing in an East-West All-Star baseball game - OF WHICH THE ROUNDUP WAS COMPLETELY UNAWARE!!!  Come on people - this is a two way street - you've got to help us out and let us know these things are happening.

Oh, sorry.  Jibreel and Evan are here.


Random Sports Fact

The Aztec and Maya Indians of Mexico and Central America played a complicated kind of ball game not unlike lacrosse. The game, played in a large stadium and witnessed by thousands of spectators, went on for several hours. When the game was finished, the captain of the losing team was slaughtered before the onlookers, his body torn limb from limb, and pieces of his heart passed among the crowd for members of the audience to nibble.

- This Random Sports Fact brought to you by Mrs. The Roundup