Future Cowboys Summer Basketball League

Coach Gentry sent me a flyer to post for the Future Cowboys Summer League.  I can't attach files to the blog but I've copied it in below.

Boys and Girls Basketball Summer League

Boys (Entering in the fall) 7, 8, 9, and 10
Girls (Entering in Fall) 9 and 10
*Limit 40 players

WHERE: Wyoming High School

WHEN: July 12, 13, 14, 16, 17
All games start at 7:00 pm and 8:15 pm
Tournament: Friday, July 16
Semi-finals: 7:00 pm and 8:15 pm
Consolation: Saturday, July 17 10:00 am
Finals: Saturday, July 17 12:00 noon

COST: $75 * Make checks or money orders out to:
“Wyoming School Fund”

Send to:

Tony Gentry
423 Pinebluff Dr.
Loveland, OH 45140

*Deadline: July 11, 2010

Contact person: Tony Gentry 831-8025 or 207-6997

NAME_____________________ PHONE__________________
HT.______ WT.______GRADE______

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I am sending my child to participate in this camp understanding the normal inherent risks for this type of activity. Wyoming City Schools and camp personnel will not be held liable in case of injury or harm sustained at the camp.

PARENT SIGNATURE____________________________________DATE_________
PLAYER SIGNATURE____________________________________DATE_________

Black Tri-County Press Sportsman of the Year

2010 Wyoming graduate Jibreel Black was named the Tri-County Press Sportsman of the Year.

Article, Black leaves Wyoming as 1 of the Greatshere.


Rec Soccer, 3rd-6th Grade Basketball Camp Sign-Up

In case you missed it, City Manager Bob Harrison posted about Fall Rec Soccer sign-up deadline (July 1st) and Thom Townsley Co-Ed Basketball Camp.

His post is here.

Tri-County Press 6-23-10

June 23rd episode of Tri-County Press is here.

It includes a look back at spring sports including photos of Max Kadish, Gabby Potvin, Harry Meisner, Mason Bourbon (Connie McCaslin photo) and Cynthia Reinecke.

Next week is Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.


Booster contribution to Athletic Budget

For the 2010/2011 school year, the Boosters approved $35,000 to go directly toward Athletic Department items.  Please see the detail below:

$3,000  Medical Supplies
$4,250  Awards
$5,000  Swimming Pool/Bowling Alley Rental
$1,000  Weightroom Supplies
$4,500  Middle School Football Jerseys
$3,000  Varsity Boys & Girls Cross Country Warmups
$5,000  Varsity Boys & Girls Soccer Warmups
$1,000  Middle School Wrestling Uniforms
$4,000  Baseball and Softball Warmup Tops
$3,500  Middle School Boys Basketball Uniforms
$  750  Golf Bags

$35,000 - Total


Athletic Dates - 2010-2011

Mark your calendars now:

8/2 - Football Two-a-Days begin
8/9 - All other fall sports practices begin
8/10 - 7 PM - Booster Meeting - Media Center
  - 10 AM-4 PM - Fall Team Picture Day
  - 7 PM - Football Scrimmage Jamboree and Dedication of Bob Lewis plaque
8/21 - 10 AM-1 PM - Super Saturday
9/3 - 6 PM - Tailgate before first home football game
9/10 - 5:30 - Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Pendery Lobby
9/24 - Tailgate immediately following Homecoming Parade
10/15 - Fall Senior Night at Finneytown game
11/2 - Booster Meeting - 7 PM - Media Center
11/16 - Fall Sports Awards - Pendery Center

** 2011 **

2/22 - Booster Meeting - 7 PM - Media Center
3/22 - Winter Sports Awards  - 7 PM - Pendery Center
5/10 - Booster Meeting - 7 PM - Media Center
5/31 - Spring Sports Awards - 7:30 - Pendery Center


Tri-County Press 6-16-10

Just when I thought we were done for the year, the Tri-County Press reports on Wyoming athletics with a vengeance, including the rare two sport picture appearance by Harry Meisner (lax and football). 

See below for articles on boys' lacrosse (with pictures), football (with pictures) and girls' track (with pictures).

Issue here.


Welcome new Booster Treasurer Peter Tighe

The Roundup would like to offer its most sincere, profound welcome and thank you to Mr. Peter Tighe, who has agreed to be the new Booster Treasurer.

Welcome to the board, Peter, and may your credits always exceed your debits. 

(NOTE - this last comment was directed at our lay readers and was meant to be mildly amusing.  Financial professionals should NOT write in and explain why a credit isn't necessarily always a good thing and a debit bad.)


Tricks of the Trade

Pittsburgh Pirates right-hander Vernon "the Deacon" Law, a stickler for routine, frowned on anyone who thought he could take a shortcut to excelling in baseball:  "Some people are so busy learning the tricks of the trade, they never learn the trade."

- Page-A-Day Calendar


Dan Flaute named Xavier University Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach

Dan Flaute, who was Wyoming's Cross Country Head Coach and a Track & Field Assistant Coach, has been named Xavier University Head Coach for Cross Country and Track & Field.

Coach Flaute's XU page here.

Best of luck Coach!


Dierker, Meisner receive scholarships at SWOFCA All-Star Game

More news from the Southwest Ohio Football Coaches' Association East-West All-Star Game:

The Coaches Association handed out $17,000 in $500 scholarships at halftime to deserving seniors from the tri-state region.

Ryan Dierker was nominated by his coaches and was selected as a recipient.

Harry Meisner was honored as a finalist for the "That's My Boy" Award presented by the National Football Foundation. He was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for his selection

Bill Madlock resumé

After his playing days were over and he was casting about the baseball community looking for an opening as a hitting coach, four-time batting champion Bill Madlock was asked by one team's receptionist to send a resumé.  Paraphrasing Mad Dog's incredulous replay:  "Look at the back of my baseball card."


Wyoming boys lax picks up first playoff win

Community Press article here.

By the way, the article says that James Edwards is a junior.  He's not.  He's a senior graduate.


Aleshire hauls in two TD passes, is named West MVP in SWOFCA game

Wyoming graduate (Class of 2010) Evan Aleshire scored both touchdowns for the West in Thursday's Southwest Ohio Football Coaches' Association East-West All-Star Game.  The passes covered 41 and 76 yards.  (Hmm, Evan catching long TD passes - why does that sound familiar?)  He was named West MVP.

Despite the efforts of All-Stars Evan, Harry Meisner and Jacob Allsop, the West lost 21-13.

As opposed to those selfish Super Bowl MVP's, who shout, "I'm going to Disney", after the game Evan was heard saying, "I'm going to Cambodia."  (On a mission trip).

Complete article here.

Enquirer photos:

Jim Barre


Coach Wooden vignette

My favorite from the stories about John Wooden is from Tim Dahlberg of the AP:

(Bill) Walton was very much an individual in a time of individualism.  One day he showed up at practice with a wild, red beard, ready to play for a coach who didn't allow facial hair.  "It's my right," he told Wooden.

"That's good, Bill," Wooden replied.  "I admire people who have strong beliefs and stick by them.  We're going to miss you."


Tri-County Press 6-9-10

It must be summer because the Tri-County Press doesn't have any Wyoming sports.

It does have two alum's though, Polly Muehlenkamp and Jon Edgington, receiving awards that we blogged about here and here.

This week's issue here.

K-Harp getting Rahmie with it

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously (infamously?) said, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste...[it] is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

That's also how Kathy Harper (AKA K-Harp) rolls.

She asked that we take this slow time for the blog to remind you about the flower pots, AGAIN:

Add a little school spirit to your home or office
with a
Wyoming Cowboys terracotta pot ...
they're not just for flowers ~ many uses - be creative!
The Wyoming Cowboys logo is etched into the pot
then it is painted in Cowboy blue (what else?).

Wyoming Cowboys flower pots are available at:
~ Wyoming on the Avenue
~ Wyoming Florist
~ from any WHS cheerleader
or by e-mailing: wyomingspirit@yahoo.com

10" pot ~ $35
12" pot ~ $40

Aleshire, Allsop, Meisner to play in SWOFCA game tonight

Evan Aleshire (WR #15), Jacob Allsop (DB #26) and Harry Meisner (WR #49) will be playing for the West team in tonight's Southwest Ohio Football Coaches' Association East-West All Star Game.  The game will be held at 7:30 at King's.

Game info here.


George Carlin asks, "Why..."

Why do baseball fans sing 'Take Me out to the Ballgame' when they are already there?

- George Carlin


Welcome Stacy Gonzalez, new Booster secretary

The Roundup would like to welcome the newest member of the Booster Board, Stacy Gonzalez, as the new secretary.

Welcome aboard Stacy.  Thanks for stepping up!

Mason Bourbon named CHL Boys' Tennis Athlete of the Year

Congratulations to Mason Bourbon, who was recently named CHL Boys' Tennis Athlete of the Year.

Congrats also to the following individuals who were selected all-CHL:

1st Team
Mason Bourbon (duh)
Gustav Plattenburg

2nd Team
Matt Sumner
Jason Diamond
Alex Mangas
Adam Tucker

Complete All CHL listing here.

Tennis statistics here.


All CHL Boys' Track

Congratulations to the following individuals who were selected all-CHL:

1st Team
Nick Burns - discuss
Jared Frost - high jump

2nd Team
Seth Gold - 3200 Meter Run

Honorable Mention
Jared Frost - The Honorable Mention listings don't include an event but I think we can safely assume it's not high jump.

Complete All CHL listing here.

Track statistics here.


Congrats and best wishes WHS 2010!

Congratulations and best wishes to the Wyoming High School Class of 2010.

Thanks for the memories.

Make us proud.

Stop back and see us.

All CHL Girls' Track

Congratulations to the following individuals who were selected all-CHL:

As previously blogged, Cornell Munlin was CHL girls' track Coach of the Year.

1st Team
Nikki McKee - 100 Meter Dash
Michelle Jolson - 200 Meter Dash
Michelle Jolson - 400 Meter Dash
Emily Stites - 1600 Meter Run
Sammy Schwartz, Emily Stites, Tess Thoresen, Tabby Waxler - 3200 Meter Rely
Cynthia Reinecke - Long Jump

2nd Team
Cynthia Reinecke - 100 Meter Dash
Sammy Schwartz - 800 Meter Run
Emily Stites - 3200 Meter Run
Kayla Livingston - 100 Meter High Hurdles

Gabrielle Curry - 400 Meter Relay
Brandi Cox - 400 Meter Relay
Audrey Knickel - 400 Meter Relay
Kayla Livingston - 400 Meter Relay

Allanah Jackson - 800 Meter Relay
Cynthia Reinecke - 800 Meter Relay
Tess Thorensen - 800 Meter Relay
Nikki McKee - 800 Meter Relay
Allanah Jackson - 1600 Meter Relay
Tess Thorensen - 1600 Meter Relay
Michelle Jolson - 1600 Meter Relay
Sammy Schwartz - 1600 Meter Relay

Honorable Mention
Allanah Jackson
Michelle Jolson
Alex Jordan
Kayla Livingston

Complete All CHL listing here.

Track statistics here.


Random Soccer Thoughts

  • If you had told me 20 years ago that I'd care more about the World Cup than about the NBA Finals, I'd have thought you were crazy.  And maybe asked you what the World Cup was.
  • Most of the sports I really like I played, even if casually, and that's why I like them.  I think I like soccer from having been forced to sit through 10,000 games of it as a parent.  It's sort of like Stockholm Syndrome.
  • There's an article in the National Post (Canada) about a soccer league in Ottowa that has put in a new rule: if you win by more than five goals, you lose.  Previously there was a mercy rule that dictated any goals scored creating more than a five goal lead simply weren't counted.  Not only is this new rule stupid, at least by my thinking, but it also creates some interestingly perverse incentives.  If you're down 6-1 with time running out, why not score an own goal and "win"?  Or why not score an own goal every time you score a goal that puts you up by five, just to have a cushion.  I've got to believe that the only thing worse than losing 15-0 is losing 15-11 and all 11 goals were own goals intentionally scored by the other team.  (Thanks to Mike Taylor for making me aware of this madness.)

Tri-County Press 6-2-10

Baseball (with picture), softball (with picture) and tennis.

This week's issue here.

All CHL Softball

Congratulations to the following individuals who were selected all-CHL:

1st Team:
Bailey DeBlasis (tied for 16th in the league for RBI's)
Lillian Krekeler (6th in the league in batting average, tied for fifth in the league in RBI's)
Abby Zennie (led the league in batting at .513 (when you ignore the girl with 3 AB's), and tied for fifth in RBI's)

2nd Team:
Gabby Potvin (third in the league with a 1.34 ERA, fifth in the league with 10 wins and fifth with 98 strikeouts)

Honorable Mention:
Caroline Anderson
Brooke Smith

Complete All CHL listing here.

Complete stats here.


All CHL Baseball

Congratulations to the following individuals who were selected all-CHL:

1st Team:
Evan Aleshire (Evan was second in batting average for the league at .516 and tied for 13th in RBI's)
Adam Chalmers (Adam was tied for fourth in the league with 38 RBI's and 11th in batting average)

2nd Team:
Michael Becker (14th in the league in striking out opponents)
Ryan Bundy (12th in the league in batting average)
Max Kadish (7th in the league in batting average and tied for 15th in RBI's)

Honorable Mention:
Chris Campbell
Adam Crider (tied for 18th in the league for RBI's)

Complete All-CHL llisting here.

Complete CHL individual stats here.


Random Sports Fact

Before 1845, the bases on a Baseball field were arranged in U-shape. Posts or stakes were used instead of bases as we know them, runs were called "aces," and the first team to reach a score of 21 won the game. Even by 1860 Baseball was more a social event than a competitive sport. Tea was served during the many "intermissions," and the pitch, threw the ball where the batter asked him to. Bunting was considered a breach of taste.

- This Random Sports Fact brought to you by Mrs. The Roundup


Middle School Sports Awards

Congratulations to the following Middle Schoolers who were honored at last week's Middle Schools Sports Awards.

The Rodney Lee Dennis Award is given to an 8th grade boy and girl in each sport. It is given in memory of Rodney Lee Dennis, an outstanding athlete, who died after Cross Country practice on October 13, 1971. The criteria for the award is that young person who is judged to possess those qualities of athletic sportsmanship, leadership, and the extra measure of personal pride, which distinguishes the outstanding from the good athletes.

Football - Will Marty
Volleyball - Marta Stewart
Boys Basketball - Will Marty
Girls Basketball - Marta Stewart
Boys Tennis - Niki Plattenburg
Girls Tennis - Maddie Boster
Boys Track - Remington Pool
Girls Track - Danielle Rush
Wrestling - Ike Palmer
Boys Cross Country - Joel Weis
Girls Cross Country - Hannah Neal
Boys Swimming - Noah Hamilton
Girls swimming - Ellen Koesterman
Cheerleading - Molly Meyer

The Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award is awarded to an 8th grade Boy and Girl who have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship. This year's winners were Jessica Leish and Ken Darlington.

The Gene Pitman Award is given to a 7th grade Boy and Girl who combine enthusiasm and sportsmanship with patience and understanding for their teammates and the members of the opposing team. This year's winners were Olivia Cunningham and Tucker Marty.

Boys' tennis ends year ranked 8th in state

The boys' tennis team was ranked 8th in the state in Division II in the final Ohio Tennis Coaches' Association Coaches' Poll.

I'm trying to think if any other rankings are of note.....oh yeah - Indian Hill is ranked 10th!

Congrats to the team.

Full poll here.

Boys' Tennis Awards

Congratulations to the boys' tennis team award winners, who were recognized at the Spring Sports Awards last Tuesday:

MVP: Mason Bourbon

Most Improved: Matt Sumner

Cowboy Award: Jason Diamond

Captain Plates: Jason Diamond Gustav Plattenburg