Two Champions in Norwood

From Coach Pitman

The Cowboys finished 5th at the Adam Cox Memorial Norwood Invitational.

Zach Van Fossen (120 lbs)  and Luke Kremzar (170 lbs) finished 4th, and Ike Palmer was the Runner-Up at 220 lbs. The Cowboys managed to have two champions. Noah Pitman (126 lbs) and Justin Shields (152) fought their way to the titles of their weight classes.

Top 3 Statistical Leaders are as follows:

1.     I. Palmer-15
2.     Sheilds-14
3.     Kremzar-11
(School Record: 46)

1.     Shields-12
2.     I. Plamer-8
3.     A. Plamer-6
(School Record: 29)

Team Points:
1.     I. Palmer-102
2.     Sheilds-89.5
3.     Pitman-60
(School Record: 254.5)

1.     Shields-38
2.     A. Palmer-26
3.     I. Palmer-19
(School Record: 154)

1.     A. Palmer-15
2. I. Palmer and Sheilds-9
(School Record: 46)

1.     Pitman-10
2.     VanFossen-5
3.     Three tied with 3
(School Record: 31)

Total Nearfall Pts:
1.     A. Palmer-28
2.     Shields-25
3.     Pitman-16
(School Record: 177)

The wrestling team is off until January 8th when they travel to Greenon and follow up with the Charlie Moore Wrestling Invitational at Reading on the 10th and 11th.

Seen About Town

Now I'm not going to make any comments about how the fans at the Xavier Women's Basketball game against IU on December 29th, breathed a sigh of relief when they say this blue-donned group take the court, just to have their hopes dashed when they realized these were 6th grade, undefeated-this-season, Cowboys lining up for a photo-op.  Thanks to Susan Osha for sending us this prophetic picture of some of our youth basketball players standing tall on the college hardwood.  We'll have to dig this back out one day when when they are there to play for real, and not just to toy with the emotions of the true-blue XU fans.

Black and Blue and Maize

What is it with the sibling rivalries in Wyoming?
Earlier this year, we posted stories of Larry Black, Jr. who signed with the Bengals.  Now here comes little brother, also a Wyoming Alum, Jibreel Black ('10), who has just wrapped up an impressive college career (both on and off the field) at the University of Michigan.  Check out the great Cincinnati.com article about our hometown-kid-done-good HERE.

Photo thanks to the Apfelbeck archive.


What a Game!

The JV Boys' Basketball team hosted Lockland on Saturday, December 21st.  I have have any hard numbers on how the game came out, but I do have some sweet pictures.  Sure the pictures are nice and could stand on their own, but what fun is that.  I'm going to say the Cowboys won 215 to 175.  It might have been a really close game throughout with the lead going back and forth more than my daughter in a shoe store.  Somewhere in the final 5 minutes, a rousing battle cry would have erupted from the crowd of Cowboy Crazies.  Our hometown heroes, suddenly invigorated by the electric atmosphere probably nailed 12 three-pointers in row to seal the deal.  
Prove me wrong....
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for the great pictures.
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Varsity Basketball Close Against Lockland

The Boys Varsity Basketball team hosted Lockland on Saturday, December 21st.  They fell just short at 41-45.  Turn out to watch them shake it off at Cincinnati Christian on Saturday, December 28th at 7:30.
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for a the great pictures.
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Almost To The Top Of The Hill

Friday, December 20th, the lights fired up for the Boys' Basketball teams for the first time this season as they hosted Indian Hill.  The Varsity team, sadly, fell 40-43 in overtime.  I don't know how much of an effect the officiating had on the outcome, but if our Crazies could restrain themselves from arguing with the desheveled, blond-haired ref to the point he throws up his hands in frustration, well, maybe, just maybe....
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for these great photos.
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Who Needs Fingernails Anyway?

Thanks to Wendy Feller, who sent us a report from the Girls' JV Basketball game against Mariemont on Saturday, December 21st.

"The girls were down by a bunch at halftime but they really rallied in the second half of the game and came back to beat Mariemont 32-28 at their place.  Claire Mellot had an awesome game with double digit scoring and some key free throws.  Olivia Cunningham also had a great game and was the leading scorer.  It was a great team effort and they really all pulled together to make this a win!"

I'm sure the Varsity team appreciated their awesome "opening act", as they went on to win also 47-43.


Slipped Through the Net

When speaking of fish, doesn't it seem like the "ones that got away" are always the bigger and better ones.  Well, we have a few Cowfish pictures that "got away" from our initial post about their under-dog win at Sycamore on Wednesday, December 18th.
Thanks to Steve Connock for the additional pictures.
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JV Boys' Basketball Needs You

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Arch Cunningham did his part.  He just sent in his equivalent of about 100,000 words.  Next, I'll add about 10.  "Friday, December 20th, the Boys' JV Basketball team hosted Indian Hill."  After that we need someone who involved with the team to complete the story.  I could start making up scores and highlights, but I know you're not going to let it come to that.  If you or someone you love is part of the JV Basketball team, decide now to be the one to start sending us reports from the games or about the team in general.  
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for sending us these powerful pictures.
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Freshman Boys' Basketball Needs You

On Friday, December 20th, the Boys' Basketball teams came home for the first time this season as they played host to Indian Hill.  Arch Cunningham was there to catch the action.  These images are from the Freshman team's game.  It's tough being a freshman.  Don't you think these guys deserve a little extra attention, or any attention at all?  If you or someone you love is part of the Freshman basketball team, consider sending us a report from the games or about the team.  Let's show these young men that we have high regard for the low man on the totem pole.
Thanks to Arch Cunningham for these super-sweet shots.
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How the Might Sycamore has Fallen

From Coach Pete

The Wyoming "Cowfish" splashed their way to victory Wednesday, December 18th against the always tough Sycamore team. This is the 1st time,Wyoming has beaten Sycamore.
Our Divers started the dual meet off with a 1st place by K.Vanatsky and 2nd place by S.Weis, contributing 10 team points to the overall final team score.
Final Scores:
Women: Wyoming-77    Sycamore-50
Men:       Sycamore-72   Wyoming-57

Combined Team Scores:
Wyoming-154  Sycamore-130

This was a total team effort of swimmers /divers performing and representing
the Wyoming Middle School with great pride!!

Event Winners:
200 yd Medley relay -J.Englehardt, N.Denson, H.Jurell and P.Brocker.
200yd Free.relay-J.Englehardt.H.Jurell,N.Denson,P.Brocker.

All the Wyoming "Cowfish" swimmers earning 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place provided valuable team points.  All the races were exciting to watch and came down to strong finish's by our swimmers to earn this big win!!
Next Swim/Dive meet is Saturday, Jan.4th at Mariemont.  The meet starts 11:00am. and is over at 12:30am.Wyoming High School swim/dive meet to follow.
I know winning has become old-hat, but surely our Cowfish could feign some sense of excitement.  

Thanks to Coach Pete for the report.
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You Can't Go Wrong Here

Wyoming Spirit Wear Update!

 There is still a little time left to get some Cowboy gifts or to pick up your Holiday Special orders before the holiday break.  
The store will be open 
Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th from 9-4 pm.  

The store will be closed the week of December 23-27.

 The Wyoming Spirit Wear Store wants to thank everyone for participating in the holiday special order program and to all of you who helped make 2013 a great year.


The First Place Factory

Saturday, the, December 14th, the High School Swim and Dive team hosted Talawanda at the PCY.  It was an almost All-Cowboy day as they took first in 23 of 28 individual events and 5 of 6 relay events.  The combined team score final was 248-117 Wyoming.

Individual winners were Caroline Duke, Stephen Barrett, Anne Criddle, Christopher Rutter, Jessica Leish, Antonio Cruz, Carson Burt, Samantha Campbell, Max Chou, Grace Crawford, Gabriel Cruz, Sara Washienko, Stephen Barrett, Gabbi Okhuysen, Ellen Koesterman, Matthew Bonner, Madelyn Taylor, and Charlie Donnelly.  My fingers are cramping up as I type this very long list of Wyoming winners, so forgive me if I've misspelled any or forgotten some.

Cowboys Take Taylor

Saturday, December 14th, the Boys Varsity Basketball team took on Taylor at the Cintas Center.  A 65-53 Wyoming win was wrangled.  The team is 3-0 with the margin of victory increasing at each game.  Make sure to come out on Friday, December 20th when the team hosts Indian Hill at 7:30.
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for bringing us the action with these great photos.
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This Isn't What You Think It Is.

Swimming isn't for everyone.  I get that. Who wants to sit in a dank, poorly lit room reeking of chlorine.  (Wasn't chlorine used as a chemical weapon in WW I?)  So if you are starting to feel like there is entirely too much swimming making it to the Round-Up this Winter, I want you to know that I agree with you.  Together we can combat this issue.  We can't force the swimmers to post less, but we can decrease the percentage of real estate they are holding. 
I can hear you asking - How?
Send in stories or highlights from the Winter sports you love.  You know the ones I mean.  The ones where the athletes wear shoes. 
And to drive my point home, I'm going to take a page out of the ASPCA playbook and show you some images to remind you of just why we need your help so badly.
We received a bunch of new photos of the Cowfish in action from Steve Connock.
No offense to the Middle School swimmers.  Besides laying waste to all comers in the pool, they are also killing the competition to see who can get their team some love on the Round-Up. 
There's nothing wrong with being #1.
Thanks to Steve Connock for the pictures.
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