No, This Isn't Another Swimming Post

We've had two swimming posts in a row with another one coming up next.  If we work together we can break the power of the aquatic cartel.  Here's how.

The Round Up is less like an investigative journalism organization and more like a radio call-in show.  We don't chase stories, but rely on you to fill our posts.  Sure, it would be nice if the Round Up did all the work and if I wasn't so legendarily lazy, but I've noticed that being more pro-active isn't one of my New Year's Resolutions.  Dang it.  Maybe next year.  In the meantime, if you want to see your favorite teams getting more coverage (or any at all in some cases) it's up to you to provide the content.  It's easy.  We're not asking for dissertations or in-depth analysis of each and every play, but a couple sentences every once and while to let us know how your team did at a game or in general would be great.  If your modesty has been preventing you, let us know and we can keep you anonymous or maybe even give you a really cool pen name.  We're also not asking for Sports Illustrated quality photos.  Have a decent group selfie team shot?  Send it in so we can all witness the magnificence that is your team.

Send content to wyoroundup@gmail.com


Now with Pictures

We previously posted some details from the December 21st tri-meet at Walnut Hills (HERE).  We now have some great pictures from Steve Connock to share.
Thanks to Steve Connock for the great pictures.
See more HERE

Values Reflected in the Water

Coach Toerner sent us a few words about our great Middle School swim team from the Saturday, December 19th meet (previously posted HERE)

The middle school team had a successful home meet on Saturday! Since we were swimming a very small team, our focus wasn't on scoring points, rather on trying different events and showing great sportsmanship! Everyone on the team had a busy meet, swimming two individuals and at least one relay. One highlight of the meet was the 500 freestyle, where several swimmers gave the race a shot for the first time! Five young women swam the event:
Mikaela Elliott, Mia Haganauer, Libby Spera, Anna Harper, and Maddy Kurtz. The girls all pushed themselves and had great swims. At the same time, many team members who weren't swimming made an effort to cheer and support their teammates in this challenging race. It was great to see support and sportsmanship in that moment!

In addition, the swimmers showed sportsmanship to members of the other team and were polite and respectful to all adult volunteers. I wanted to take this time to share that I have heard positive feedback about our swimmers and their kindness and manners from at least one person at every meet, and that, to me, means much more than any final meet score! We are so proud of our swimmers, both in and out of the water!


A Look Back to the Fall

Before we move into 2017, a few items from the Fall 2016 sports have crossed our desk that a worth a quick look back.

Did you hear that Jay Klein was awarded the The Senior Excellence Award from The National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

The criteria that Jay had to meet in order to be considered for this award is as follows:

Be a high school senior
Have made significant contributions to the team
Represent the finest attributes of a team player
Consistently projects a positive attitude
Displays team leadership
Exemplifies the standards set forth in the NSCAA Player Code of Conduct and Ethics

And for those of you who can't ever get enough football, we have a few links you might like

Check out Hudl.com Cowboy's highlight reels HERE

and Check out a scouting report for quarterback Andrew Marty HERE

Photos thanks to Rod Apfelbeck



The Matmen finished with a record of 4-3 at the Blanchester Duals. The Cowboys won 67% of their head to head matches against their opponents . Noah Pitman went 7-0 for the Cowboys, pinning 5 of his opponents. Luke Kremzar earned his 50th career win as well, over the weekend.

Next up will be the Norwood Invitational on January 2nd.

Thanks to Coach Pitman for the report, and
Thanks to Kim Boyd for the great pictures.
See more HERE


Boys Basketball

Friday, December 18
It was a 3 point night for the Cowboys in an easy 66-48 win at Mariemont.  4 each for Lonnie Grayson (26 points) and Garyn Prater (17 points), 3 for Joey Edmonds (16 points) as the team hit on 11 of 19 attempts.  Those three players scored 59 of the 66.  Varsity record now 6-1.

Saturday, December 19
One of the most dramatic finishes in the history of Wyoming basketball as Lonnie's long corner 3 pointer at the buzzer enabled the Cowboys to eke out a 37-36 victory at home.   The team was down 10 points with 5:24 to play.  Another key shot was Garyn's 3 pointer at the halftime buzzer from 12 feet beyond the arch, putting us behind by only 1, 27-26.  A hard fought defensive game by two exceedingly  quick  teams.

Friday, December 18
A tough 49-50 loss to Mariemont in which free throws and turnovers decided the game.

Down a point, with 44 and 34 seconds left, we missed 4 consecutive free throws.  Two seconds later, Nate Harper makes 2.  Wyoming up by one.  Wyoming gets an out of bounds play under Mariemont's basket, but throw it into the hands of the opponent who scores with 6.8 seconds on the clock for the win.

The Cowboys turned the ball over 23 times, 5 on out of bounds play, and made only 11 of 26 free throws.  And that's the game.

Saturday, December 19
Despite being outscored in the final quarter 16-7, Wyoming's Junior Varsity held on for a nice 46-42 victory over Northwest.  The Cowboys won in rebounding, 33-23 and that helped with the win.  Nate Tyree's 16 points and Moe Mitchell's 15 led the way.

Thanks to Bill Ries for the reports.


High School
I'm not sure who won the meet, but there were several Cowboy Event Winners at the Walnut Hills - Maderia - Wyoming Tri-Meet on Monday, December 21.
Carson Burt - 200 Free
Carson Burt - 500 Free
Christopher Rutter - 200 IM
Lia Thomas - 50 Free
Lia Thomas - 100 Free
Women's 200 Free Relay
Women's 400 Free Relay
Men's 200 Free Relay
Men's 400 Free Relay

Middle School
I don't have any official results for the Saturday, December 19 dual meet against Cincinnati Christian.  I will say that CCS is a team of 7 swimmers.  I'll let you do the math.
Thanks to Coach Elliot for the HS team information.
See more MS pictures HERE


Girls Basketball

We haven't had a word from the team.  So for the digitphiles among us, those who are in their element in the company of numbers only, I can direct you to the CHL site HERE.

For the rest of us who like a written word once in awhile we will have to rely in Cincinnati.com.  Check out the article HERE where Ashli O'Neal is named as the Enquirer's Ohio Athlete of the Week.

I'm not going to make any inflammatory remarks about how the 7th Grade Middle School Girls Basketball team's coverage is putting the Varsity and JV reports to shame.   I'm not even going to try to taunt the Varsity and JV teams into stepping up and submitting a report every once in a while to try to regain even a modicum of pride.  If I did, I would tell someone to submit reports to wyoroundup@gmail.com.
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the photos from the Varsity game against Mariemont on December 9.
See more HERE

Middle School
Summary from 7th Grade Student-Athlete, Irene Nicholson:

On Monday (December 14) we played Finneytown. We came into the game knowing that Madeira beat them 52-0 and we beat Madeira. We thought that we could beat Finneytown easily, which proved not to be true. They had 5 girls on the team and we had 13. They obviously wanted to win. It was a little fierce out on the court. In the first half we were winning but we were not winning by a lot. We came into the second half recharged and played much better. Thankfully, we ended up winning the game.

Stats from Coach Kunkel:
Finneytown 13 - Wyoming 27
Meghan Lyons led all scorers with 9 points, followed by Meredith Bornholdt (5) and Natalie Strom (4).  Wyoming also had great offensive production from key reserve players, Clarke Schmidt, Maggie Fitzpatric, and Brianna Lowry.
Thanks to Irene Nicholson for the report, and
Thanks to Coach Kunkel for the stats, and
Thanks to Marianne Strom for the pictures.
See more HERE



Adam Turer and Scott Springer have put together a preview of the Bowling season for Cincinnati.com (check it out HERE).

So, if we're to take Mr.'s Turer and Spinger at their word, Wyoming has a bowling team.  Not that I'm doubting their journalistic integrity, but I'd like a little proof.  If you or someone you love is on this alleged bowling team, the Round Up would love a report (wyoroundup@gmail.com).



Coach Pitman reported for the Varsity Wrestling team

The Wyoming Wrestling team finished 7th at the Deer Park Invitational with a limited line-up (injuries and wrestlers taking the ACT). The Cowboys started the day with 8 consecutive wins.

Noah Pitman lead the team taking the title at 145 pounds for the Cowboys and Luke Kremzar finished as Runner-Up at 182 pounds. Next up for the matmen will be the Blanchester Duals
 on Friday and Saturday.


Boys Basketball

Friday, December 11
The greatest cheer came in the third quarter as a Taylor player intercepted the ball and went in full speed for a layup.  Mason Rogers, going just as fast, timed the bunny perfectly, striking the ball with his left hand so hard that the ball hit the banking board and caromed all the way out to the mid line.
Final score:  Wyoming 56, Taylor 33.  Top point makers were Lonnie (19), Garyn and Jake (each 12)

Unusual highlight:  The Cowboys took 22 3 point shots, making 7.   

Saturday, December 12 Mason Rogers' two handed slam dunk was the first this year and highly appreciated by the fans.  Several minutes later, Lonnie Grayson barely missed another, as the Cowboys bested 7 Hills on Red Bank Road 59-30.  A magnificent ball game for Garyn Prater with 18 points on 8 for 11 shooting along with a team high 10 rebounds.  Lonnie recorded 16 points, including 3 three point goals.   

Friday, December 11
An easy 58-26 win for the Junior Varsity over Taylor on Dec. 11 as all 10 players scored.  Jared Fox led with 14, followed closely by Moe Mitchell's 11, Nate Tyree's 10 and Connor O'Brien's 9.  The Cowboys out rebounded Taylor 34 to 16 with Nate, Connor and Eli Cupp all gathering 6.

Saturday, December 12

It's unusual for a team to go scoreless, but that's exactly what happened in quarters 1, 2 and 4 for 7 Hills Junior Varsity on Saturday, Dec. 12.  The 7 they got in the 3rd quarter was all the scoring they could muster against a stiff Cowboy defense.  Final score:  Wyoming 39, 7 Hills 7.  14 points for Jared Fox.  7 Hills turned the ball over 23 times, compared to Wyoming's 10.

Thanks to Bill Ries from the reports.  


Swimming and Diving

We have some results from the Varsity Diving at Mariemont on December 5th

Out of 26 female divers (including Division 1 schools),
Katy Vanatsky 12th
Sami Weis 13th
Adrienne Nguyen-Storer 15th.
(Not bad for 3 freshmen)

Out of 20 males, Charlie Donnelly got 3rd.


Girls Basketball

Did you see that Heat Check Basketball News has our own Ashli O'Neal ranked as the top scorer in Cincinnati?   (See the full list HERE) They have her putting up 27.8 just over CHL rival Finneytown's Nia McCormick with 24.5.  The two will meet up in Finneytown on Saturday December 19th at 1:30.  Sounds like a good reason to get out of the house and cheer on the team.

And if you do make it to the game because either you or someone you love is on the team, please consider sending us a report at wyoroundup@gmail.com.

Student Athlete Julia Hitt reported for the 7th Grade Team

The 7th Grade Wyoming Middle School Girls continued our basketball season with an away game against Mariemont on Monday, and a home game against Madeira on Wednesday.  We were successful and gained two more wins. We are working hard to execute our offensive plays, and on improving our rebounding. We are practicing hard and are excited to continue our basketball season.

Stats from Coach Kunkel:

Monday, December 7
Mariemont 30
Wyoming 37
Natalie Strom led all scorers with 9.  Irene Nicholson, Clarke Schmidt, Julia Hitt, Mia Hagenauer, Meghan Lyons, and Meredith Bornholdt all contributed to the scoring.

Wednesday, December 9
Madeira 19
Wyoming 29
Mia Hagenauer led all scorers with 12.  Julia Hitt and Natalie Strom both hit 3-point field goals.  Meghan Lyons and Meredith Bornholdt also chipped in points.
Thanks to Julia Hitt and Coach Kunkel for the report, and
Thanks to Marianne Strom for the photos.
See more HERE



Coach Pitman gets us caught up with the Varsity Wrestling team:

Wyoming wrestling began the season against Holmes and Western Brown . Zach Van Fossen and Justin Shields started off the season 2-0. Shields also earned his 70th career win with a pin over his Holmes opponent. More Milestones (for many matmen) will occur over the next few weeks.

Noah Pitman recorded his 50th career win Wednesday evening with a pin against his opponent from Taylor. It is the second fastest to 50... Neal Williams had close to 80 by the first week of his junior year.

The Matmen lost both matches against Little Miami and Taylor (beating Taylor in head to head match ups) Pitman and Shields won both their individual  matches against Little Miami and Taylor.

Next Up...Deer Park Invitational


Boys Basketball

Bill Ries reported from the Boys Varsity Basketball team

It was a fairly easy 63-46 win at Hughes on Dec. 8, with all playing well and the team starting to gel.  The five starters were the only scorers, ranging from 5 to 22, with Lonnie Grayson getting the 22.  Garyn Prater helped with 16.  Mason Rogers got 8 of our 21 rebounds.  Wyoming hit 8 of 11 three pointers, led by Lonnie's 3.  One game oddity:  The Cowboys only had 6 fouls called against them, 3 apiece for just  2 players, Mason and Garyn.  No other player committed a foul the entire game.

We don't have anything to report for the other Boys Basketball teams.  There are rumors of reports and pictures gathering in the wings for the Freshman and JV teams, so we'll wait patiently.

If the MS teams haven't been inducted into the C.O.W.B.O.Y.S (the Clandestine Obfuscated World Bowling Order of Youth Sports) yet, maybe someone like you would consider sending us a report every once in a while.


Congratulations, Boys.

A letter from an old coach:

Congratulations to the Wyoming Boys Soccer team for achieving back-to-back District Championships.  This was no surprise to me, an old coach that has seen these kids playing together since 2nd grade. Along with Coach Varland, we formed a team back in 2006 and I am proud of their commitment to work on their unique strengths with each new season.  Most of them continued playing soccer with the roster changing here and there thru the years.  The bulk of the Varsity team is graduating this year, and it has been a pleasure seeing them develop their soccer skills, love for the game, and turn into a championship team.  I wish them the best of luck as they embark on their college years.

Photo above shows one of the early teams. Thanks to Apfelbeck for the 2015 photo (altered to contrast the 2007 team).

Coach Miguel Robles


Wrestling Preview

Before you head out to the meet against on Cooper, Taylor and Little Miami, get yourself in the know.  Check out Scott Springer, Adam Baum and Nick Robbe's Cincinnati.com Wrestling Preview HERE

Photo thanks to Kim Boyd


Swimming and Diving Off the Blocks

Coach Toerner christened her Cowboy MS Swim coaching career with a big win at the Tr-Meet at Sycamore on Saturday, December 5th against Sycamore and Indian Hill.  She filed the following report.

The WMS swim team had an outstanding first meet against Sycamore and Indian Hill Middle Schools, coming in first place.

Both relays, the medley (Cara Cavanaugh, Libby Spera, Maddy Kurtz, and Connor Moore) and freestyle (Cara Cavanaugh, Mikaela Elliot, Mia Hammersmith, and Connor Moore) placed first.

Other first place swims include Connor Moore (200 free), Will Morstadt (25 fly), Claire Carmichael (25 back), Chloe Akers (25 breast), Ava Batsel (100 IM), Ariel Gray (50 back), Ariel Gray (500 free), Cara Cavanaugh (100 fly), Mikaela Elliott (100 free), Connor Moore (100 back), and Dori Miller (100 breast).

Second place swims went to Mia Hammersmith (200 free), Chloe Constandtinides (25 free), Sam Rossi (25 back), Stella Brocker (25 breast), Maddy Kurtz (50 fly), Will Mennone (50 free), Dori Miller (50 breast), Cathy Black (500 free), Maddy Kurtz (100 fly), Cara Cavanaugh (100 back), and Libby Spera (100 breast).

Overall, the team had dozens of best times and exciting races!

The Varsity teams also competed on Saturday.  Look for reports soon.

Congratulations to the Middle School team and to Coach Toerner and Coach Wolkoff.
Thanks to Coach Toerner for the report.
See more pictures HERE


Boys Basketball Posted Here

Not to be too far out-done by the Girls Basketball teams, we have a report for the Boys Varsity Basketball team.  There are a lot more Boys Basketball players than are just on the Varsity team.  If you or someone you love is on one of those other Cowboy Boys Basketball teams we'd love to include news about your team also.  Send your reports to wyoroundup@gmail.com

Bill Ries sent in this report from the Saturday, December 5 Varsity game against Ross

Recently, the boys basketball team faced a strong Indian Hills team who shot 61% against our 30%.  Now, just the reverse as Wyoming shot 59% on 24 baskets in 41 attempts.  The Cowboys  were led, scoring wise, by Garyn Prater's 18 and Lonnie Grayson's 17 points.  Lonnie looked like the Lonnie of last year, as he hit on 4 3's from long range.  Joey Edmonds also hit 4 3's as the team easily outscored Ross 69-34.  A fine offensive and defensive evening for everyone who played.  Cowboys now 2-1.
Thanks to Bill Ries for the report. and
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the pictures.
See more HERE


Girls Basketball Posted Here

We are in the full swing of the Winter seasons.  The Coach Kunkle's 7th Grade Girls Basketball team took an early bounce into the Round Up.  There are several other Girls Basketball teams out there. If you or someone you love plays for them we'd love to include them here as well.  Send reports and pictures to wyoroundup@gmail.com

From 7th grade student athlete, Mia Hagenauer:
The 7th Grade Wyoming Middle School Girls started their basketball games this week. We lost at Indian Hill for our first game but we were victorious at Taylor. We are working towards improving our defense and offensive plays. We have a great team and are looking forward to an exciting season.

Indian Hill on Monday (November 30) We lost 19 – 30.  Our leading scorer was Meghan Lyons with 10 points.

Taylor on Wednesday (December 2) We won 30 – 19.  Our leading scorer was Mia Hagenauer with 14 points.

Thanks to Mia Hagenauer for the report, and
Thanks to Coach Kunkle for the stats, and
Thanks to Marianne Strom for the great pictures.
See more Indian Hill pictures HERE
See more Taylor Pictures HERE


Before the Bounce

Before you head out to the Varsity Basketball team's season opener at Mt. Healthy on Tuesday, December 1st at 7:30 make sure you're in the know.

Check out Cincinnati.com Basketball season preview HERE

Photo thanks to Rod Apfelbeck

New Kids on the Block

There are some new faces both on and behind the blocks for Wyoming Swimming this season.  On the Varsity side, we now have Diane Valentine as our new Assistant Coach alongside Head Coach David Elliot.
The Middle School also has a new Head Coach, Beth Toerner.
The Middle School team held their time trials on Tuesday, November 24th, and are ready to start their season with a tri-meet at Sycamore against Sycamore and Indian Hill.


Remember When - Football Edition

In the spirit of the season, let's be grateful that Rod Apfelbeck has been catching up on his Fall sports picture backlog.  He recently released his lat Football pictures of the season.  We now have pictures from the October 30th Deer Park game and the November 7th Indian Hill game.
Thanks again to Rod Apfelbeck.
See more Deer Park game pictures HERE
See more Indian Hill game pictures HERE


Girls Soccer Success

The Girls Soccer team finished the year as District Runner-Up and 11-7-1 overall. 
A special congratulations to the following players for their post-season honors:

2nd Team All State
Kayla Hampton

1st Team All City
Kayla Hampton
Casey Jervier

1st Team All CHL
Kayla Hampton
Casey Jervier

2nd Team All CHL
Jasmine Evans
Emily Dudek

CHL Honorable Mention
Lauren Metz
Annabelle Steiner
Elly McCullumsmith
Thanks to Coach Gruber for compiling the accolades, and
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the great pictures this season.
See more from the October 26th game against McNick HERE
See more from the October 29th game against Oakwood HERE