Warriors Over the Cowboys

Jennifer Counts reported for the Girls JV Soccer team.

The Wyoming JV Girls soccer team fought valiantly against the high pressure team of Mariemont on Sept 16.     The game was filled with shots from both teams (Warmbier, Schuler, Alvarez-Garcia for Wyoming).    The first 30 minutes were rather calm, with both teams playing at a steady pace.   Unfortunately, with just minutes to go in the first half, Mariemont scored off a free kick ending the half at 0-1.     The Wyoming girls came back strong in the second half.  The last 10 minutes of the game were very exciting with the Cowboys having two direct kicks due to fouls that Maddy Counts put in play.   These generated several shots, but none made it to the net.   The game ended at 0-1 with Mariemont capturing the win.  

Thanks to Jennifer Counts for the report.

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