This Last Week in JV Soccer

Tracy Payne keeps us in the know with the next.  She filed this update for the JV Boys Soccer team.

Tuesday, 9/8 vs Taylor
Junior, Kendall Eyman got the Cowboys an early goal in the first few minutes of the game. Kendall beat the keeper and scored again, followed by yet another goal by sophomore, Brett Reichwein for a great first half. 3-0 Cowboys.
Early during the second half Jonathan Klein scored a nice goal. Brett Reichwein kept up the forward momentum with many attempts at goal during the second half. The defense did a great job and sophomore, Nick Denson had a great defensive save on the back line helping the Cowboys keep a clean sheet. Cowboys 4-0 win over Taylor!

Thursday, 9/10 vs Waynesville
(With help from reporter Marcy Klein this week:)
The teams were very well matched in the first half.  Sopomore, Cole Engel had some great saves in goal.  In the second half, freshman, Noah Fershtman and Rico Schneider had some good shots on goal but, nothing went in. Waynesville scored late in the second half.  Then Cowboys freshman, Jonathan Klein chipped the ball toward the goal.  The shot looked in but, sopomore, Declan Dunehew tapped it in to be sure.  Game ended in a 1-1 Draw.

Saturday, 9/12 vs Colerain
Cowboys started the tally early with sophomore, Declan Dunehew scoring off a cross from freshman, Noah Fershtman.
Then when it rained it poured for Wyoming... soon to follow freshman, Sam McCulumsmith assisted freshman, Jonathan Klein with a goal. Just before the half, sophomore, Trevor Payne came up with a cheeky left foot goal past the Cardinal keeper. 3-0 Cowboys the first half.
Cowboys defense kept up the good work the second half. Sophomore, Yima Nyamor assisted sophomore, Ben Haward with a nice goal to end the game 4-0 Wyoming Cowboys!

Thanks to Tracy Payne and Marcy Klein for the report.

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