The Unsung

Sometimes being a JV athlete is like being the middle red-headed step-child.  The Round Up is a safe place, free from discrimination based on the letters than come before your team's name, whether it's JV or MS or even REC.  Kara Pendery has bought in.  She has some great pictures from the JV Football team.  Wait, you did know we had a JV Football team, right?  She also has a report to go with the pictures... this time.  She wants you to also bask in the unbound glory that is being a Round Up reporter.   Kara can't do it all all of the time (well, I'm sure she can, but c'mon, seriously, pitch in a little around here to get these athletes some time in the spotlight).  She'll take the snaps if you'll give the calls.

On Saturday 8/29, Wyoming JV hosted North College Hill.  #14 Moe Mitchell had the first score of the game. Early in the first quarter, Moe caught a punt return and finessed his way into the endzone. The PAT was scored by #60 Sergio Listo.  #12 Shep Marty handed the ball off to #36 Ethan Tefs late in the game for our final TD of the game. The 2-point conversion failed.  Wyoming 13, NCH 22.  We travel to Taft HS on Saturday 9/5 for a 10am game at Stargel Stadium.
Thanks to Kara for the report and pictures.
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