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Jennifer Counts get us caught up with the Girls JV Soccer team.

Wednesday, September 9th
The JV Girls Soccer team faced Taylor on Sept 9 and had a great game!  The Cowboys first goal was by Greta Warmbier on a breakaway.  Lauren Longman and Ava Schuler each had a nice shot on goal.  The defense was led by Sarah Woodruff (>5 saves), Caroline Meis, Meredith Ogle, Sam Rathbone and Maegan Burck.  Sydney Kuhn demonstrated nice ball skills with a clever take-back from Taylor.  Annah Saladonis had a pretty goal with an assist by Allie Trenkamp bringing the score to 2-0 at the half.

Annah had a second goal to start the second half.  Taylor scored off a free kick just outside the penalty arc bringing the final score to 3-1.

Thursday, September 12th
The JV Girls Soccer team lost Saturday, Sept 12 to Summit.  The teams appeared pretty evenly matched with very few shots by either team.  The Cowboy defense was again very strong with several saves and clears ensuring a scoreless first half.  Ambar Alvarez-Garcia was moving all over the field putting pressure on Summit.  Maddy Counts and Ava Schuler demonstrated a nice “give-and-go” . . . one of these games that play will end up in the net!

Captain Hannah Stoppenhagen marshalled the forces in the second half, but Summit scored off a corner kick, bringing the final score to 0-1 and ending the girls’ undefeated season (2W, 2D, 1L).

Thanks to Jennifer Counts for the report.

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