The Daydream of Nightmares

Student reporters Alex Sfyris and Jay Klein reported from far afield for the Boys Varsity Soccer team.

Wyoming Varsity Boys Soccer vs Waynesville Varsity Boys Soccer 9/10/2015
Tough fight for Wyoming. Coming in to the game on Thursday, September 10th, against the highest ranked D4 team in the Waynesville High School region not much was expected of Wyoming and the game proceeded likewise. The Cowboys were really fighting against the odds on this one and they deserve commendation regardless of the result. The game started off with a half field goal from Waynesville all American goal keeper and former U19 South African striker. This was shortly followed by numerous red cards from the Wyoming side forcing the game to end in the 6th minute 1-0. Tough loss for our Cowboys.

Or at least that is what Coach Steve Thomas’ was dreaming until he woke up with a fresh new inspirational speech. Luckily this dream was nowhere near reality. Here’s how it really happened. The play opened up with heavy pressure from the Cowboys offense. Waynesville managed to hold them off for a little bit until Jay Klein opened up the scoring with a powerful strike to the top corner. Shortly after, Nathan netted a well-placed ball by the Hebrew Hammer, Ivan Meisner. To close the first half, Gareth Norris took a shot off of a corner by Jay Klein which the keeper got a hand to, however Reece Dow was positioned to clean up the rebound. The second half was more of the same with Jay Klein completing the hat trick from assists by Seth Dewitt, and Andrew Derge. The 5-0 shutout by Wyoming High School was a fair reflection of the Cowboy’s domination in this game, even though Waynesville played hard all 80 minutes which made for an exciting game.
Fresh off the press, this has been your boys, Alex and Jay.

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