Colerain Out Cold

Alex Syfris and Jay Klein report from the Boys Varsity Soccer win over Colerain on Saturday, September 12th.

Coach Steve Thomas can sleep well tonight as the Cowboys continue their streak of blowout victories. After losing last year to Colerain in a close match the Cowboys came back with a vengeance. The match began with many offensive opportunities from both sides, and proved to be an impressive exhibition of goalkeeping from both Ethan Wayman and Jared Leyland. His Neuer-esque goalkeeping, functioning as a sweeper (last defender), kept the Cowboys from running up ther score as he stopped many potential breakaways. Wyoming was the first to convert with a stellar play from Jay Klein to Nicholas Robles. This bit of brilliance was the first goal of the season for James Rodriguez (Nicholas Robles) and an excellent start to the home game. Andrew Derge followed up minutes later with nice goal off of a throw in from Ivan Meisner to finish the half at a strong 2-0 Cowboy lead. The lead was further extended when Jay Klein tipped a pass just out of reach of the Colerain goalkeeper to the foot of Nathan Gressel to make it 3-0. Colerain answered with a cheeky chip from Cody Busam, who had an excellent game, constantly putting pressure on the Cowboys defense. The fourth and final goal of game came from a volley from Jay Klein off Thor's (Tristan Kovach) cross. The game ended 4-1 with the Cowboys holding a comfortable lead throughout the game.

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