Two For the Show

Jennifer Counts and Channon House-Longman team up to bring the Girls JV Soccer action right to you.

Cowboys with a win over the Amazons
The Wyoming Cowboys Girls JV Soccer team has a solid win over the Madeira Amazons on Thursday, 9/24.   The Cowboys graciously played 8 vs. 8, as the Amazons roster was limited due to injuries.      This act allowed the Amazons to have 3 substitutes for the game, and ensured a more equal playing field.     The Amazons had control of the field the first half, challenging the Wyoming defense again and again.     The Wyoming Defenders, as usual, were up to the challenge.    Sophomore Isabelle Jones had a nice shot just off goal.   The second half started with a quicker pace and stronger pressure from the Cowboys.   The Wyoming Offense demonstrated solid pass combinations noted between Maddy Counts, Ambar Alvarez-Garcia, and Lauren Longman, as well  Annah Saladonis, Allie Trentkamp and Ava Schuler.   Allie Trenkamp had a nice run, beating 2 defenders, then taking an unconverted shot, which was immediately followed up by Annah Saladonis - the  Amazon Goalie had a nice save.     Maddy Counts, and then Meredith Ogle followed up with two quick unconverted shots.   The tide was turning, Wyoming had control.  With just 2.5 minutes left in the game, Ava Schuler was fouled just outside the Amazon penalty box.   Ava quickly took the awarded direct kick for the first goal in the game; a beautiful, near post shot.    After another foul, Ambar Alvarez-Garcia scored the second goal of the game with just 37 seconds left (assist by Ava).     Wyoming over the Amazons, 2-0.

Cowboys vs. Division 1 Anderson
On Saturday, 9/26 the Girls JV Soccer Team took on the tough Division 1 Anderson team.    The game started quickly and was conducted at a fast pace for all 90 minutes.   Early in the first half, Freshman Maddy Counts places a picture perfect arc, that slammed hard into the crossbar and was deflected.   The  Anderson team countered quickly, but was cut-off by Freshman Caroline Meis.   20 minutes in Freshman Lauren Longman sent a ground ball into the penalty box, splitting the defenders neatly.   The ball was successfully scooped by the goalie a minute second before Wyoming could tap it in.    11 minutes to go in the half had Anderson with a free kick, then a two consecutive corner kicks.    Freshman goalie Sara Woodruff stopped the onslaught, and Wyoming ended 0-0 at halftime.       Anderson came out fighting, with a corner and then two solid shots, both saved by Sarah Woodruff.      Wyoming countered with another pretty shot from Maddy Counts, but the score remained 0-0.      15 minutes in Anderson earned another corner, which was quickly cleared by Sophomore Erika Hill.     Freshman Lauren Longman had a long shot with a wicked bounce from the 30 yard line minutes later, but was unable to slide the bounce past the quick Anderson goalie.     With just 10 minutes to go, goalie Sarah Woodruff had yet another save, followed by an Anderson corner cleared by Sophomore Ambar Alvarez-Garcia.    The fast paced game ramped up, the crowd was cheering with excitement - Wyoming had 3 Corner kicks (Maddy Counts) in a row, the first two cleared out of bounds by Anderson defenders, the last had a nice headshot from Freshman Allie Trenkamp – just missing the goal.      Sophomore Erika Hill had a fantastic feed down the field, but the run was stopped by an overly aggressive Anderson player (yellow carded) who slammed and flipped Maddy Counts as she sprinted down the field.    Game resumed with a quick hard shot by Sophomore Hannah Stoppenhagen.  Goalie Sarah Woodruff had 3 more consecutive saves.  Both teams played hard, putting on an exciting show for the large home crowd.   The JV Girls soccer game ended in a tie, 0-0, but what  a show.

Thanks to Jennifer and Channon for the super reports.

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