There Once Was a Game That Wasn't

Jennifer Counts reported for the JV Girls Soccer team and the game-ish against Indian Hill on Wednesday, September 2nd.

The Cowboys played half a game against Indian Hill before thunder struck.  Some highlights from the first half:

The Wyoming Varsity Team could be heard cheering on the JV offense, which was led by Sophomore Ava Schuler and Freshman Greta Warmbier.   The offense put considerable pressure on the Indian Hill Goalie in the first half.  It was nice to see Sophomore Erica Hill on the field; she’d been sidelined with an injury so far this season.

Cowboy Gaolie Sarah Woodruff had a nice “punch-out” to clear a shot from the Braves.  Ambar Alvarez-Garcia was taken down from behind and Caroline Meis put the ball back in play with a nice shot on goal.  Unfortunately it was cleared.  Meredith Ogle had an important clear after a Braves corner kick.  Right before the half, the Braves scored.  The thunder rolled during half time leading to several restarts of 30 min lightening delays before the rest of the game was cancelled.

The game was called with Cowboys 0 – Braves 1.  Not a loss, since we didn’t start the second half (and we’re confident the Cowboys would have put a couple in the net if we had been able to play the second half)!  The JV girls face the Braves again on the 21st.

Thanks to Jennifer Counts for the report.

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