Super at Sectionals

Bob Carter keeps the Tennis season alive for us with his report and pictures.

Tuesday marked the start of the Southwest Ohio tennis sectional tournament, where Wyoming competed in the DII Mason sectional. There were over 32 singles players and 28 doubles teams participating in the Mason Section, and the format is both simple and high stakes: one loss and you are out of the tournament.

Representing Wyoming for singles are: Jay Klein, Chris Murray, and Alex Sfyris; and doubles teams are: Nolan Morley/Kieren Thomas and Myles Bourbon/Will Carter.

After the dust settled, Wyoming finished the day with 9 wins and 2 losses. In fact, three teams/players made the cut for districts: Chris Murray at singles; and both doubles teams (Nolan Morley/Kieren Thomas and Myles Bourbon/Will Carter). This is the best showing in the sectionals for the Cowboys in the past 4 years – and probably much longer than that!  

Next up: the remaining players/teams play on Saturday (5/16) for top seeding at the District Tournament.
Thanks to Bob Carter for the report and the sweet pictures.
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