Well Matched

Channon House-Longman  gets us in the know with the Girls JV Soccer season.

Saturday, August 22nd
The JV Soccer team started their season with a strong match against the Little Miami Panthers Saturday afternoon (August 22nd).  The Panthers scored first with a free kick at the 18 yard line just 12 minutes into the game.  Maddy Counts tied it up before the half with a shot from distance at the 30 yard line.  Ten minutes into the second half, the Panthers regained the lead before the Cowboys tied it up with a goal from Ambar Alvarez-Garcia just 5 minutes later.  The Cowboy defense was impressive, pulling up to catch the Panthers off-guard and off-sides multiple times.   Maegan Burck had a nice save clearing the ball when the Cowboy goalie, Sarah Woodruff, fearlessly brought down multiple players from the Panthers offense causing a pile-up right in front of the goal.    Sarah had over 15 saves during the game.   Ambar Alvarez-Garcia demonstrated Klingenberg's World cup move, making a goal-line save with just 7 minutes left in the game.   The Wyoming Midfielders pulled together to take on the strong  Panther Midfield, effectively controlling the Midfield during the majority of the game.   The Panther Goalie was smart, playing out much further than most, which was effective in shutting down many of the Wyoming offensive runs.    The match ended in a tie (2-2).

Monday, August 24th
The team played their second season game Monday evening.    The Cowboys dominated the Princeton Vikings on both shots and possession, but had poor luck with conversions.    Isabella Jones lobbied the first shot on goal 10 minutes into the half, but the shot was successfully defended.    Princeton followed up with a breakaway run minutes later taking the early lead.  In the second half, Lydia Hock had a beautiful up-close goal off of a 30 yard line assist from Maddy Counts.   Allison Cooley, Maddy Counts, Lauren Longman, Greta Warmbier and Anna Saladonis all had solid, but unconverted shots.   Caroline Meis led the defense, displaying a fine bicycle kick at the midline, as well as stopping runaway Vikings, not once, but twice, right outside the box preventing shots on goal.    The game ended with a tie, 1 to 1.  

Thanks to Channon House-Longman for the great reports.    

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