Bacon Gets Served

Jennifer Counts reported for the Girls JV Soccer team

The Wyoming Cowboys JV Girls soccer team played their third game Wednesday, August 26 at Roger Bacon. It was a beautiful evening for soccer – even more beautiful with the ladies' first win of the season!   The Cowboys and Spartans were scoreless at the half.  Especially after the half, the Cowboys displayed strong offensive pressure with several shots on goal.  Defensive plays by freshmen Sam Rathbone, Caroline Meis, Meredith Ogle and Maegan Burck were able to redirect and enable the Cowboys to dominate possession.    Freshman Maddy Counts had the first goal in the second half.  Later in the second half, freshman Lauren Longman scored after an exciting drive up the field.

The final score -  Cowboys 2, Spartans 0.

The girls' next game is 5pm, Sept 9 at Taylor.

Thanks to Jennifer Counts for the great report.

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