Fast in Fairfield

Coach Nocks always keeps us in the know with the always strong Middle School Cross Country teams.
It was a glorious day to run.  The sun was shining the birds were singing the bees were buzzing.  Quite literally they were. There were Sweat Bees everywhere. Fun fact, Sweat Bee is the common name for any of a large family of bees, many of which are attracted to the salts in human perspiration.   I guess they were there for us.  Bees or no Bees, the Middle School Cross Country team had a great showing at our first meet of the season at the Fairfield Invitational on August 24. Below are some highlights

Three 7th Grade boys in the top 15

Two  8th Grade boys in the top 15 (4 in the top 20)

Three 8th Grade girls in the top 15

Cara Cavanaugh won the 7th Grade girls race

7th Grade boys were 3rd out of 7.  They beat the 4th place team by 1 point and the 5th place team by 2 points.  It was very close.  It is a perfect example of how something as simple as beating 1 runner at the end counts for so much.

7th Grade girls were 6th out of 9

8th Grade boys were 3rd out of 11

8th Grade girls were 2nd out of 8.  Again 1 point difference between 2nd and 3rd place

Thanks to Coach Nocks for the report, and
Thanks to Lisa Nocks for the picture

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