Girls Basketball

Middle School

Report from student-athlete, Peggy Moore:

A new year. The end of a round of the CHL. With the Deer Park Game announcing the end of the first round of CHLs, the 7th grade basketball team takes no time to celebrate. A winning week with Bornholdt being the Rebound Queen and Lyons owning the ball. Despite having troubles with Reading in the first half, the 7th grade girls took a valuable lesson to play like we do in the second half. After that pep talk, we scored 20 points. Deer Park was, well, exactly that, a walk in the park. A successful start to a season underlined by their only defeat:  Indian Hill.

Stats from Coach Kunkel:

Monday, January 4 (at Reading)
Reading- 18, Wyoming- 34

Meredith Bornholdt led the scoring with 11, followed by Natalie Strom with 6.  Meghan Lyons, Maggie Fitzpatric, Mia Hagenauer, Julia Hitt, Liana Morgal and Peggy Moore also chipped in points.

Wednesday, January 6 (at Wyoming)
Deer Park- 6, Wyoming- 30

Top scorer was again Meredith Bornholdt will 11, followed closely by Meghan Lyons with 9. Also adding to the score were Julia Hitt, Liana Morgal, Natalie Strom and Mia Hagenauer.
Thanks to Coach Kunkel for the stats, and
Thanks to Peggy Moore for the report, and
Thanks to Marianne Strom for the pictures,
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