Calling All Wyoming Alumni

The WHS Alumni Association has a new initiative to help us all get a little more connected to each other. The WHS Alumni Network will gather and provide information on our alumni with the aim of enabling us to get together, network, and maybe even tailgate and attend Wyoming games as a group. How neat would it be for our Alums across the country to discover that there are alums living nearby, or working in similar fields? How great would it be for a current WHS student to reach out to an alum with a questions about a college, career, or a sports experience past high school?

We would love to be able to facilitate making these connections, help more with reunions, plan regional meetings and social events, etc. To do so, there is a simple survey that we have created to gather this info. Would you please take the time to fill it out? Even if we have your information, there are a few more questions on this survey that we'd love to have your answers to.


Please consider forwarding and posting this link/info if you have a chance. If you haven't had a chance to read the latest edition of the ECHO, here's the link. It will explain a little more about the network we're trying to build.


If you've already filled out the survey - thank you!
Thanks for your time, and go Cowboys!

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