JV Boys Soccer Update

Tracy Payne gets us caught up with the Boys JV Soccer team

9/21 - Wyoming Boys JV Soccer vs CHCA
Sophomore keeper, Cole Engel had an incrediable first half with many saves. Luckily, 20 of the shots from CHCA were not on target, unless you were playing American Football, FIELD GOAL! First half ended, 0-0.

A few shots for Wyoming, more possession the 2nd half, looked better. Defense did a great job, sophomores, Christian Robles, Nicholas Denson, and Declan Dunehew worked hard. We had a last chance effort by freshman, Jonathan Klein sent in a blazing cross from the left side to sophomore, Trevor Payne who fired it on target!
Unfortunately, the quick CHCA keeper was able to deflect it over the crossbar. The final was an exciting 0-0 draw!

9/24 - Wyomings Boys JV Soccer vs Lebanon
Early first half, sophomore keeper, Cole Engel had a nice save. Lebanon had a tall, fast striker who drove the ball to goal five times the first half. First half ended 0-5 Lebanon.

Second half, the Lebanon striker was benched and it was game on! Lebanon had two yellow cards the 2nd half, a penalty kick was given in the box. Penalty taken by Wyoming freshman, Sam McCulumsmith and scored! Lebanon scored twice more for a final score of 1-7 Lebanon. It was a tough match up with a highly ranked team.

10/6 - Wyoming Boys JV Soccer vs Reading
To start the Cowboys off early, sophomore, Brett Reichwein assisted junior, Kendall Eyman with a goal. Sophomore, Brett Reichwein ran in for a rebound and drove a shot pass the Reading keeper for a 2nd goal. Not too long after that... Brett Reichwein got a 3rd goal for a hat-trick! 3-0 at half.
Off to a great start,  2nd half, Brett Reichwein crosses to freshman, Evan Morley for a goal.
Freshman, Will Wolf took a shot and scored! Before the end of the game, Reading scored for a final Wyoming Cowboys 5-1 over Reading.

Join the Wyoming Cowboys as we travel AWAY for our last games...
Deer Park on Tues, October 13th - JV at 5pm and Varsity at 7pm
Amelia on Weds, October 14th - JV at 5pm and Varsity at 7pm

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