Brought To You By The Number 1

Coach Nocks reported for his magnificent Middle School Cross Country team.

The Middle School Cross Country team headed to the Harrison Middle School Cross Country Invitational on Thursday October 1.  Who knew the date (the number 1) would be such a theme for this meet.  I hope you keep reading and don't just assume you know what the number 1 is referring.  

Cross County is similar to the sport of Golf, except there are no clubs, caddies, golf carts. golf balls, club houses.....well on second thought there is very little in common with Golf. (We love Golf and here is a shout out to the Wyoming Golf teams).  What we do share is how the scoring is done.  The team with the lowest score wins.   Leaving most of the technical scoring rules out, the place a runner comes in is their score and the score for the first 5 runners is added together to make up the team score.  To keep the reader entertained, here is a game, see if you can identify where the previously mentioned theme fits in.

Here are some highlights of the meet,
        7th grade girls were first  in the Team Race
                   Peggy Moore was 2nd (out of 86)
         Shelby Sash and Chloe Constantinides were in the top 11

        8th grade girls were second  in the Team Race.  They missed first by 1 point
Sarah Schaen was 2nd (out of 81)
Lucy Spera, Tiffany Chen and Ava Berger were in the top 12

        7th grade boys were third  in the Team Race.  They missed second by 1 point
Joey Trapp, Colin Sorensen and Andrew Stoppenhagen were in the top 14

        8th grade boys were second in the Team Race
Conner Moore, Thomas Stickney, Ken Chen, Joshua Parker and John Nice were in the top 17

         8th grade boys were Third in the Open Race.  They missed second by 3 points
Trevor Vollette, Ryan Loney, Chris Izenson and Kyle Ryan were in the top 16

Wyoming Middle School Cross Country brought home 4 trophies.  We received a trophy from every race that gave out trophies. We were the only school that accomplished this!!

Photo thanks to the team

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