The Big Show

Paul Kovach filed this report from the ultra-dramatic, double overtime, sudden death, Regional Semi-Final on Wednesday, November 4th.
It was a cold but clear November evening, no wait that was last year. The evening was unusually warm for a November evening, not a sleeping bag in sight. After the rain and cold of the McNick game where yellow cards were abundant, to Springfield Kenton ridge in Hamilton to a regional semi final game at Wright State. District finals two years in a row and another shot to go further had the Cowboys team and parents amped up. A nicely timed flyover by a C-4 from Wright Pat set the stage for the game. The Bishop Hartley Team was from Columbus. Our Wyoming scouts reported two all star players on the Bishop team. In response the Wyoming Cowboys brought their team.

The first 20 minutes saw the Cowboys taking shots at the goalie that could not quite find the back of the net. Momentum started to shift and a long shot from the opponents found a hole and scored. An unfortunate injury sent Marshall to the side lines.

The temperature on the field and in the stands heated up as the teams sweated it out and the fans became excited, agitated and louder. A late goal in the second half tied the game, the game was tied, TIED. The stands went crazy. The last 5 minutes had both teams holding on.

Two fifteen minutes over-time, sudden death, then to penalty kicks if needed. The first 15 saw opportunities on both sides, with no conclusion. A SECOND overtime. Fans were getting up the adrenaline was flowing, cries of leave it on the field were loud and long as legs wore out.
Thank the gods that a cross by the Cowboys in the last part of the second overtime found the back of the net. (Final 2-1 Wyoming)

It was pandemonium among the stands and players. High fives all around. The winning war cry “I can’t feel my legs.” “ You see them boys, right there, they piped up.”
What a great game for the team, coaches, parents and all the fans that came to a great soccer game.. Congratulations and on to the next.
The team plays next in the Regional Finals on Saturday, November 7th at 12pm at Monroe High School vs. Dayton Carroll.  The winner of this game advances to the State Semi-Finals.  Tickets are $7.

Thanks to Paul Kovach for the report, and
Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the sequence of pictures of the winning goal.
I'd expect he will have more to come soon-ish.

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