A Seat at the Table

The holiday's and all the delicious meals that come with them are almost here.  Have you noticed that the best big family dinners are a group effort?  There are the cousins who work behind the scenes to rearrange the furniture so the kids' table will fit in the dining room.  You can always count on Aunt Eunice to bring her sweet potatoes.  (Sure they're pretty gross, but it wouldn't be same without them though, would it?)  Grandma's turkey.  Yeah, nothing else needs to be said there.  Besides the gourmet biscuits from scratch, green bean casserole and the pies, oh the pies, every meal also needs someone to bring the canned corn, the strangely cylindrical cranberry sauce, the pop and some snacks.  When the last chair has been pushed away from the table, there are the uncles who clear the table and the squad of aunts that blast through the dishes.  And then there's Uncle Joe who never fails to come empty handed but also never leaves hungry as he doesn't expend any energy helping to set-up for the meal or clean up afterwards.  We still love Uncle Joe, he's family. but don't you get the feeling he's the guy who cuts in line at the bakery, who is "creative" with his taxes, the guy who texts and drives, and the one who sits in the fire lane at the Y instead of parking in a space less than 200 feet away when picking up his kids?

The Athletic Booster's Round Up uses the same collaborative approach.  We need everyone to pitch in and bring something to the table.  Don't want the spotlight?  We can keep you anonymous.  Not a gourmet wordsmith; are your pictures half-baked?  We need the canned corn and pop in addition to the main attractions, and sometimes less-than-mediocre sweet potatoes are better than no sweet potatoes at all.

The  Athletic Booster Board also needs a strong collaborative effort.  There are still a few positions that need to be filled for the current year and the next.

Don't be an Uncle Joe.  Send your contributions or questions to wyoroundup@gmail.com

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