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From AD Jan Wilking
Saturday night (2/13) we will play boys’ basketball vs. Indian Hill at 4:30/6/7:30pm.  This is a make up game from the non snow event a few weeks ago.  This game will in all likelihood be for the conference championship and therefore it will be a packed house.  Few items for everyone to know about tickets and passes….

Our gym seats 750 people.  Indian Hill has 225 tickets to presale starting on Monday.  We will have the balance of tickets to presale starting on Monday at lunch.  We will accept Booster passes at the door however, if and when we reach 750 people in the gym we will not allow any additional people to enter the gym due to fire code even with a Booster pass.

GET TO THE GYM EARLY IF YOU WANT A SEAT.  Taping blankets or seat savers during the 4:30 and/or 6pm game will NOT be permitted.

Tickets are $6 adults and $4 for students.

Photo thanks to Rod Apfelbeck

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