Opportunities to Serve

The great enrichment that comes from athletic participation is priceless, but it doesn't come without cost.  Currently there a few opportunities for you to help advance the Cowboy cause.

The Boosters are looking for someone to fill the role of Concessions Coordinator.  (This is a Board position so, you know, there's the glory factor to consider also.)  There is an urgent need for the outdoor concessions for this Fall and Spring.  That's right, I said Fall.  You know, the season that will be here sooner than you think.  Before you let yourself get overwhelmed, realize that we're looking for a Coordinator and while the Coordinator gets all the fame, there will be several committees that will be in place that will do the heavy lifting.  It's like a win-win-win situation.  You're welcome.

And if you're reading this and rolling your eyes because you "gave at the office" and don't see the reason to also volunteer your time and skill set to the Boosters then maybe that's because the Boosters haven't been very proactive in letting the community understand exactly what we do.  If only we had someone to help us get the good word out.  Yes, that's right, we are also looking for someone to fill a Marketing position for the Boosters also.
So close your eyes and think back to last season when little Johnny made his first tackle.  What was that you were holding in your hand?  Oh that's right, it was a delicious burger (ordered through the Concessions Coordinator's committee) grilled to perfection by dedicated volunteers (who were scheduled through the Concessions Coordinator's committee), and was that a frosty cold cola (again there because it was ordered through the Concessions Coordinator's committee) you spilled all over the couple sitting next to you as you jumped up and down in your excitement.  Yeah, I remember that too.  (The stains came out in case you were wondering).  Don't you want to give that experience to others this Fall?  Of course you do.
Or maybe you want to help, but maybe you're more right-brained.  Then you close you're eyes and think back to last Wednesday when you told those poor suckers over in Accounting that there were free doughnuts in the break room.  Remember how good you felt by spreading good, useful information to the masses?  Want to keep that high going?  Of course you do.

If interested, contact Frannie Rogers at rogersfrannie@yahoo.com

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