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Bob Carter loves putting in the overtime (or at least we love making him).  We kept him reporting well after the regular season ended.  Now he wraps up the Boys Tennis season for us.

Special Edition: The Boys Varsity Tennis team wrapped up their season by placing 2nd in the State Division II Doubles Tournament in Columbus!
Sixteen of the best Division II doubles teams from all around the state played this past weekend on The Ohio State campus, and the setting was just like professional tennis: match umpires sitting on tall chairs calling out the score, players challenging calls, big score board, and a large section for spectator viewing. They even open up a new can of tennis balls if the match goes to a third set. If you have ever been to the ATP tournament in Mason, the excitement and intensity at the state tournament was every bit the same.
Myles Bourbon and Will Carter represented the Cowboys in Division II Doubles play at the state tournament.  Myles and Will were the Mason Section DII Doubles Champs and the Southwest District DII Doubles  Champs  heading into the state tournament. They beat their first three opponents from, respectively, Beechwood (Cleveland), Lexington (near Mansfield), and Ottawa Hills (Toledo) to advance to the state finals match. Roughly 300 to 400 Division II doubles teams started the tournament, and it came down to just two teams: Wyoming versus Cincinnati Country Day. This was one of the hardest fought and best played matches I have ever seen (and I’m not just saying that as the Dad of one of the players), but  Myles and Will lost by the slimmest of margins: 6-3, 4-6, 6-7 with 8-10 in the third set tie breaker (think of it like double overtime). A more exciting tennis match, you will not watch. As the runner up in the finals match, Will and Myles placed 2nd in the State Division II Doubles Tournament for 2015!!
To understand how big of an achievement this is, we have to go back to the record books. Wyoming has a rich tradition of competitive tennis, and took 3rd place in Division II state doubles play in both 2009 and 2011. But you have to go back over 40 years to find a Wyoming doubles team (or individual singles player, for that matter) to have placed 2nd in the state, or better. For you long time Wyoming residents, the doubles team of Steve Bernard and Jake Agna also came in 2nd in the state in 1971 (and, coincidentally, they also lost to Cincinnati Country Day, by a score of 6-0, 6-1). So, as the 2015 Boys Varsity Tennis season comes to an end, Will and Myles can proudly take their place in the OHSAA (state), Southwest District, and Wyoming High School record books!
Given this accomplishment, Myles and Will stated getting congratulatory notes from friends literally as soon as the match ended. How was that possible?  Kieren Thomas, who cheered the team on at EVERY state match, also live tweeted updates from the game!  I’m not exactly sure what a tweet is, but I’m told it’s a good thing.
The Boys Varsity Tennis team worked hard this entire season, and it shows in the end of season awards, as noted below. Congratulations to team captains and graduating seniors Myles, Will, and Kieren. And, finally,  a special BIG THANKS to coach Laurie Hoppenjans.

Myles Bourbon (senior and captain): DII Doubles State Runner-up, GCTCA 1st Team Singles, CHL All Conference 1st Team

Will Carter (senior and captain): DII Doubles State Runner-up, GCTCA 1st team Doubles, GCTCA Sportsmanship Award, CHL All Conference 1st Team, WHS Cowboy Award

Kieren Thomas (senior and captain): GCTCA 1st Team Doubles, CHL All Conference 2nd Team, WHS Most Improved Player

Chris Murray (junior): GCTCA 2nd team Singles, CHL All Conference 1st Team, WHS Most Valuable Player

Nolan Morley (junior): CHL All Conference 2nd Team, GCTCA Honorable Mention Doubles, WHS Most Improved Player

Jay Klein (junior): GCTCA Honorable Mention Singles, CHL Honorable Mention

Alex Sfryis (junior): GCTCA Honorable Mention Doubles

George Arenas (freshman): GCTCA Distinguished Player
This is Bob Carter signing off after a GREAT season (that is, of course, until the start of Girls tennis in the fall - can’t wait!)

Congratulations to the team on a great season, and 
Congratulations to Myles and Will on their State match!
Thanks to Bob Carter for the faithful reporting and the great pictures.
See more of Bob's shots from the State Tournament HERE

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