Classic Pot and Kettle

I was hoping to quietly turn off the lights behind me as I crept out of the room, but when the recent past Booster President, Citizen of the Year, Frannie Rogers makes a request you oblige.  However, I noticed that if you ignore the specifics of her text below, the spirit of it could apply to a lot of other people out there.  There are myriad past and present team moms, team photographers and reporters, underpaid coaches, overworked school staff, concession volunteers, and Booster Board members that fit this bill just as well and likely even more so than I.  So if you're in the above group or some other type of unlisted, unnoticed, unthanked, 20 percent-er then consider this just as much about you and read this with a knowing smirk on your face and a warm sense of appreciation in your heart.

From Frannie Rogers:

Bon Voyage Jason! Thank you Jason Miller for everything you did to make the Wyoming Round Up Blog a huge success. For the past four years you have worked diligently to keep us abreast of all the in's and out's plus comings and goings of Wyoming Athletics and community events. Jason started his tireless mission of blog entries in September 2012 and did his final post in June 2016. He will forever be remembered for his professionalism, time, effort, energy and most importantly his humorous postings in which he engaged and entertained his audience. Many Wyoming sporting events were highlighted throughout his tenure as editor and chief of the blog. His determination and effective communication kept us all up to speed on the latest results, highlights and happenings around town. His true commitment for the love of the game was evident and he and his blog will be missed. Thank you Jason for your four years of service and dedication to Wyoming Round Up. Hats off, You will be missed!

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