Values Reflected in the Water

Coach Toerner sent us a few words about our great Middle School swim team from the Saturday, December 19th meet (previously posted HERE)

The middle school team had a successful home meet on Saturday! Since we were swimming a very small team, our focus wasn't on scoring points, rather on trying different events and showing great sportsmanship! Everyone on the team had a busy meet, swimming two individuals and at least one relay. One highlight of the meet was the 500 freestyle, where several swimmers gave the race a shot for the first time! Five young women swam the event:
Mikaela Elliott, Mia Haganauer, Libby Spera, Anna Harper, and Maddy Kurtz. The girls all pushed themselves and had great swims. At the same time, many team members who weren't swimming made an effort to cheer and support their teammates in this challenging race. It was great to see support and sportsmanship in that moment!

In addition, the swimmers showed sportsmanship to members of the other team and were polite and respectful to all adult volunteers. I wanted to take this time to share that I have heard positive feedback about our swimmers and their kindness and manners from at least one person at every meet, and that, to me, means much more than any final meet score! We are so proud of our swimmers, both in and out of the water!

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